'Go-Go' Combat Stress Reaction

       using MASERs and FTM/FSM         Microcurrent 

   The Rescue 

        Thanks to the team that put their hearts into our first training video.
Specially to the Master Sergeant, "TS3", from Chicago who worked himself up the ranks from a buck private. He is now working  on his masters degree and raising his two sons.
    TS3 volunteered so he could help other active dutys and vets.
                             email help:     24 October 2016
Note of explanation: I am a gynecological surgeon for 39 years. Surgeons do NOT think like medical doctors. We examine the body, take a history, do blood tests and sonograms, make a tiisue diagnosis, and use our hands and tools to cut out the pathology- "A chance to cut is a chance to cure".   PTSD cure requires manual skills and PEP- photons, electrons and phonons to release the tissues trauma lesions. 
Mandatory Post treatment follow up:
1] Add on the long PTSD A, B and C protocols to follow the three "Go-Go" protocols. Place his MEND units in pockets or a canvas bag so he can empty his bladder and keep on running current. It is very important to hydrate with anti-oxident powders in his drinking water. He may be very hungry and thirsty. He maybe sleepy. He should be on bed rest for the first 24 hours.
2] Check with him daily. Encourage hydration with antioxidants.
Teach him the panic point tapping, TAPAS head hold and US Navy Seals box breathing to prepare him to be able to control his own anxiety attacks or bad dreams. He needs to be placed on light duty until the fatique reaction is gone.. 
3] In 3-4 days after his first 'detox' is done, complete a head to toe physical exam, the 'Scars and Wounds' list and the 'Worst- First list.  Review the ACE score and medical history for more causes of pain and unsuspected locked in trauma. Chart the SUDs (0/10) level of pain at each site and his vital signs. Do a basic neurological exam. Develop a list of physical issues that needs to be resolved for him.  Now you should train him to start daily TEIPAT self treatment drill so he will become master of his body's reflex emotions.
4] It is very important to start treating all sites of his pain with MASERS and FSM/FTM microcurrent every 3-4 days thus allowing him to recover from the pain that he carries in his body. Commonly, the back, joints and scars hold trauma which the FSM/MEND protocols and MASER tapping can remove. Treat pain sites with microcurrent units until they are diminished. You can run 4-6 units simultaneously, treating his inflammatory pain and removing sites of trauma and toxins.  You can start him using a Far Infrared heating mat (FIR) from Asia to further reduce pain and inflammation.
5] In his follow-up sessions (6-8) run the formal 'PTSD A, B & C' protocols for 3-6 times with MASERS to delete other trauma. Detox the bromine and fluoride with Iodoral and FSM/FTM. Dispense healing supplies including the EARTHING pad and the FIRM.
   Send him to food/nutrition consultation and training and to yoga class. Send him into an oral detoxification (modified  citrus pectin, chlorella, and Intestinal Metal Detox (IMD- from Mercola's library) . Dispense sea salt, magnesium, iodoral, zinc picolinate, selenium, Vitamin D3-10,000-5,000 iu, Ubiquinone, R-alpha lipoic acid, acetyl-L-carnitine, PQQ- pyrroloquinoline quinone,  a jar of organic coconut oil and a package of stevia if he has a sweet tooth.  Eliminate gluten and GMO corn, soy, wheat, sugar beets and all grains exposed to glysophate (Round-up).
6] After you have shot off the "ENEMY" (memory tubules) from the cell surface, you MUST repair that cell's endoplasmic reticulum membrane and cell surface as well as supply and support the mitochondrial for his complete recovery!    
Mitochondria need electrons and other energy particles to heal.
   Finally transfer a positive attitude with your smile to him!
  NEXT, Download your Medics Training Manual (22pages) using  a color printer (optimal)... and  READ IT, twice!
Medics, practice the MASERs training drill. 
  This is a 28 minute video with 7 steps.
        It is very fast and very easy!
    Embed it into your muscle memory.
 Learn to treat chronic latent ptsd fast for your self and your brothers!
Otherwise go to the Briefing Room.

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      HISTORY: OF is the result of 39 years of working with traumatized patients for whom standard medical school teachings, residency training in ACOG's board certification process, 2 fellowships in Special Pelvic Surgery and Gyn-Urology provided no help for their pain. Healing solutions were finally found in the manual therapy, cellular biology, quantum physics, mitichondrial medicine  and the  Chinese and European electro-biology  communities.        

      The treatment of trauma is evolving. As we learn more bio-physics techniques, more solutions will    become available.                                                                             copyrighted: 28 June 2016                         

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