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Microcurrent Clinical Case Reports and Protocols 

                 THE LONG PTSD by a USMC Aviator 2007 

                 The Three 'Go-Go' Combat Stress Protocols 2014

Microcurrent Clinical Case Reports 2006-2015

                 Ziva's hip,wound, cord

                 Bromine Detox, Fluoride Detox,

                 Surgeon's Proof, Road Trauma,

                 Stop Bleeding, Chronic Pain

                 Battle Protocols package- MEND

                 Bill Krissoff, MD, FCS, CDR/MC/USN OIF vet

                 Beef industry prevents toughness with microcurrent blast

 The Original Long PTSD Protocol (2007)

was developed by Dr. Barbara Harris

working with a US Marine Combat

Aviator from Viet Nam who was the

first ever Marine aviator to qualify in

both fixed wing and rotor.  When they

were finished he wanted to know IF she had treated him for PTSD. Yes! Then he said that "it was the best he'd ever felt". And he thought every marine squadron needed to have a microcurrent unit. Our aviator has crossed over now, but his courage stays with us here.

       In the last few years (2011-2015) Dr .Harris and I have augmented her original long protocol with body tissues like the muscles, n. locus coeruleus, stellate ganglion, lymphocytes, right atrial conduction system, posterior pituitary all of which we have since learned are affected in PTSD.   We have also found two new 'A' channel conditions; 991 (1-4 minutes -positive) to "remove traumatic microtubules from the cell membranes" and 702 (1-4 minutes -positive) to "restore normal healthy cell line function and structure". I suggest that you use 991+ in the front end of the protocols to replace or augent 94. Near the back end of the protocol after 11, 970,and 40, but before 81 run 702+. A muscle testing colleague stated that 702 tests out consistently better than vitality-49 in most of her patients.

   I use these long A&B&Cprotocols on what I call  "latent"  (cell tubules in the resting position) PTSD, when patients are NOT actively 'freaking out'. However the best clearing results are obtained when you first activate the muscle memory fear driven tubules (felt as brawny muscle edema) and use MASERs tap/chant Drill while playing PTSD A&B&C on 3 units. After the PTSD A & B & C finish with the Concuzzion Go-GO. Then make them walk backwards, you can steer them so they do not fall, in a figure of eight pattern while thier cerebellum "resets".
  I am not always doing the MASERs drill during all of the follow-up sessions. Perhaps you should be tap/chanting everytime on some issue. It is very important to clear as much pain as possible. It is common to be running 4-6 MEND/ InspirStar units during the 2-4 hour session depending on the warriors tolerance. They will have a fatique detox from clearing out all their inflammmation. Have them keep a dream log and chart both the duration of the fatique and the pain free time.
     I prefer to run  PTSD A&B for 4-6 sessions in the 'trauma patient'  while I am treating other physical issues. Dr. Upledger taught us to always treat problem 'issues in the tissues' for "six" sessions to be able to clear 16% of the trauma during each treatment ( remove it in layers).

  I use the MUSCLE Go-Go set (3)  with MASERs when working with a real flash-back combat 'Go-Go'. I know that I will be able to feel the brawny edema clear away fast, less than 60 minutes! I know that they will respond with a fatigue detox reaction for 1-3 days.


    PTSD A (78") to run with PTSD B (77") and PTSD C (71") on 3 units.

US Marine Corps Altantic "Fleet Marine Force" patch.

MASERs & Microcurrent

to the rescue- the 'Go-Go'

1000 yard stare-combat PTSD
Apply three MEND Technology/InspirStar units wrist negative to wrist positive. All these protocols are set at 400 uA. During a real 'Go-Go' 400uA should be needed, if not, you can 'step down' to the Sub-Buzz level as you start up each protocol. If you only have one unit start with the muscle, then betrayal and then concuzzion. Start your MASERs Drill. Ask your team to help with tapping. As the 'Doc' you are in control of this procedure. Once you have learned the MASER muscle drill, it is smooth and easy to do, and gives the warrior rapid relief without drugging or hurting his body. You should use his team mates to help you facilitate the process. 'Doc', watch the way my body moves when it is in the tapping cadence.
Advanced Tactical Paramedic Protocols Handbook  9th Edition
 Reference: page 99 of the Journal of Special Operations Medicine/2016  ATP-P Handbook.
By following the directions as they are written the
   "Go-Go" behaviors are merely supressed
     with medications and medivaced away.
This is NOT a treatment of the cause of 'PTSD".
It is merely a 'punt', not a cure. 
 Proposed Revised Management:
    This suggested treatment should be started after :
             RULE # 1 REMOVE ALL WEAPONS

JSOM/Behavorial Changes/TMEP/p99      Management:

   *6. For flashback triggered behavior (non- violent, no weapons) begin MASER meridian treatment, backed up with starting either the Muscle Go-Go, Betrayal Go-Go and Concussion Go-Go protocols on the MEND microcurrent units*1 or try the BAUD binaural acoustic device*2 .Continue the energy stimulation units and meridian tapping for 60 minutes. Provide hydration during this time. The medic does the MASERS while the team mates tap on warrior's panic points.

   *7. If combative behavior is presenting, restrain patient with at least four soldiers and, if ordered, give diazepam (valium) 10 mg I.M. Continue the MASER 7 cadence tapping drill even after he falls asleep. Each soldier on the arms should be tapping on the outer fist (panic point or Karate Chop point which slows down the heart rate.)  You are treating his muscle cells memory signaling microtubules -the source of the behavior, energetically. This 60 minutes application of frequencies will cut off the memory signaling and end this event.

    8. If sedated or restrained monitor with a pulse-oximeter and maintain constant vigilance for a change in the hemodynamic status or loss of airway reflexes. And run the MENT protocols as if he were awake as the frequencies still work on the tissue cell memory tubules.

    *1] FTM/MEND Technology or  InspirStar treatment unit  ‘Go-Go’ protocols for the muscles, emotions and shock-concussion (each runs simultaneously for 60 minutes). The leads are attached to each wrist (or the ankle and the neck).

   *2] BAUD- binaural acoustic device uses ear phones from @ $479. Running during trauma treatment time to eliminate the trauma memory (30+minutes).

Advanced Tactical Paramedic Protocols Handbook, 8th Edition

Sub-Buzz is the microamperage treatment level  just below when the patient can feel the current. So start the unit at 400 uAmps and step it down until he no longer feels the buzz.

Ask him, 'How 'bout now?' until he says "No".
    There is a ~5 second delay before he can perceive the step down. You are adjusting the amperage dose to fit his needs each time.
      Chart his Sub-Buzz for each protocol each time you run it. As his tissues heal with enough electrons an initially high microamperage will start to fall to 100uA. (And surprising, a very low (20 uA) may rise up to 90uA.) Charting the Sub-Buzz is a physiological marker that he and you can follow on his healing pathway.                   Remember that disease is loss of voltage.
Tools Potentiate Your Skills:
      Marine snipers are better than Marine riflemen because those snipers are genetically hard wired to shoot better. They have an edge.  But when you give them all a new, better scope their excellent skills are magnified.
      The same is true with MASERs energy medicine. Some people's hand energy is stronger than others; but when you give them tools (running off batteries) you have potentiated everyones' power to transform.        During a 'Go-Go' crisis, more  'PEP' energy (photons, electrons, phonons) is better! Plan to succeed! Use everything that works!
      Ziva, a pure bred German short hair, with               congential hip dysplasia, scoilosis, and prognathia   is pain and drug free at 9 years thanks to frequency specific microcurrent treatments every 6-8 weeks and sleeping on the BIO-MAT for 4-8 hours daily.  She seems to 'love' current. In fact, Ziva just 'whined' to me to come over either to restart 'her' unit or to pull the blanket over her as she lays on top of the BIO-MAT to make a heating tent for her. It gets chilly on Bainbridge Island in summer.
       She goes from limping in left hip pain or bad      spinal cord pain (when she can not lay down even to sleep) to no pain in 66' to 99'.   We have limited her hunting to small mammals on the property and no more wild jumping in the air after favorite rubber duck toy decoys.
     (I have had no luck teaching her veterinarians about healing with FIR or Microcurrent.)
Ziva running 3 separate protocols- back, hip and disc for limping pain using wraps holding the 3 microcurrent units. Ziva will have plastic bags over her feet to hold the water in for good skin contact.
   ZIVA'S HIP DYSPLASIA    (originally written for 40uA)         
I used to run all of  Ziva's (40 pounds) protocols on 40 uA like Dr. McMakin uses 100uA for adult women and 250uA for big muscled men. I now ask the pendulum each time  which dose to use for Ziva and it varies between 60-140 uA for her protocols.    
    Because my physical muscle testing skill is not reliable, I had to learn to use a pendulum (like Donna Eden, Energy Medicine for Women, taught me) to answer any treatment question. 
                 "Always First Ask the Right Question!"
  Those wet blue-orange re-usable rayon wraps attach the leads at the wrists (10 meridians) and ankles (12 meridians) stimulating all the acupuncture/pressure energy intake points. 
This is day 15 after a full thickness the-racoon-tore-it-open 1 1/8" skin incision. Ziva had NO stitches, only duck tape to align the skin edges and InspirStar units with a wound healing protocol every 1-2 days. This is full thickness skin closure without scar formation.
The attack occurred 'pre-BIO-MAT' time. She also got a rabies booster and no antibiotics.
Full thickness skin healing at the 15th day using duck tape and the skin healing procotol.
 BROMINE DETOX:        This one is as stinky as it gets!
Bromine, a halogen, like fluoride competes with iodine for iodine's living sites. That bromine blockage slows your metabolism down. Your uniforms, gear, pesticides, white flour, children's pjs, sofas, etc carry lots of bromine which your body absorbs. Bromine is a bully knocking iodine off its posts (read BromineToxicity button).  Fluoride does the same thing to iodine.
     As long as your kidneys are working well, my Bromine DTX protocol is safe to use. As long as you are taking IODORAL 50 mg daily before and for 3-4 days after running the DTX. You will know that the DTX is working because your urine and sweat will STINK.
    After the stinking stops you can stop running the weekly DTX schedule, but stay on IODORAL 12.5 mg daily to get back a good supply of iodine, and eat good real sea salt on your food.
    Here is my Fluoride DTX, working the same way as for bromine but fluoride does not stink. I usually run the Fluoride DTX for as many sessions as I had to run the bromine one to get you to stop stinking. I do not run both on the same day. You need to take that daily 50 mg dose of Iodoral before running the detox protocols and after for 3-4 days so the IODINE can take back its home sites.
 You should avoid  environmental fluoride as it is another bully. Fluoride can help tendons rupture.
Surgeon's Case Report:
I became a true believer in Microcurrent (2007) when I slipped a disc planting a Japanese Maple clay root ball on Saturday. After running the disc protocol daily I was back working at the clinic Thursday and operating standing all day Friday.
This Low Back protocol helps me work in the yard and has many admirers (in addition to Ziva). Don't change the microamperage on this one.
 ROAD TRAUMA:  Here are protocols (400uA) written for my ED nurse daughter who rides a Honda- for immediate application after a 'wipe out'.
       PREVENT and STOP Bleeding:      Vasectomy
 So far we have been able to run the stop bleeding frequency/ healing protocols on tissues before three surgeries started (without the surgeon knowing) but with a very 'dry' operative field to his approval and mininal post operative edema and really no pain. 
    Running protocols 1 hour before surgery seems to work as well as does running it during and starting as soon as possible (<1 hour) post operatively!  
SCARS and CHRONIC PAIN:  After a few combat tours warriors have collected injuries, scars and painful areas and some drugs. [If one of you medics owned a WELLNESS unit and had it with you at the FOB soon everyone  there would become your best buddy ever because of the pain it can relieve.]
If you are using the right protocol after 60 minutes the pain should be gone and fatigue reaction starts for  24 hours. In 2-4 days if the pain returns, retreatment will always take the same pain away again.  Have to find the right protocol for the exact tissue.
Recovery Room Nurse with 6 years of pain on deep braething after she had to have a chest tube placed during a nephectomy. No problem except the next day the cleaning lady knocked the chest tube bottle across the room, dragging that chest tube sewn into her chest wall.
Set-up: Attach blue wraps from the neck (positive) to her right leg (scar was on her right chest wall). Attach wraps for two other units to run at the same time for Concuzzion- Go-Go and  emotional clearing (rage and anger at the cleaning lady). In 2011 I blindly used 100uA on all women patients without knowing that I should test their Sub-Buzz level. 
TAP'N'YAP: As the RN told her surgical story including her anger, I had her deep breath every 5-10 minutes to stretch out her diaphragm muscle scar. Then I started tapping on her skin scar and rubbing it in circles. Then I did a full 24 point MASER safe, time orientation and with the protective chant tap at the end. By 40 minutes her pain on deep inspiration was GONE. It has not come back since 2011.
Looking at the protocol I wrote in 2011, now I would 'improve it'; but it worked very well, the pain was permanently gone in 46 minutes. You can not disregard the importance of the MASER tapping and holding the intention of the 'highest good for the patient'. There is no other way to clear that scar pain.
SCARS and Chronic Pain-   from Al Berger, DC  
        Dr. Berger presented his simple Scar-Pain-Chronic protocol at Kondrot's Microcurrent Conference (Oct 2015).
             [I would run it the first time I am treating a warrior to clear
                all his scars (neck to worst side ankle) at his Sub-Buzz level.]  
His lady patient had had 17 years of pain ever since she had her son through a c-section. She had seen many providers with no help. So he treated her negative (using sticky pads) lead below the abdominal c-section scar and the positive lead above T-10 over her central spine.  One hour later, (no tapping-yapping), her pain was removed for good. His frequencies apparently, are treating a very deep layer of the body's energetic grid and are able to by-pass superificial ?'interference'? fields.  
       His is a consistently successful pain relief protocol. However he has seen that sometimes when the presenting pain is cleared another one that was hiding underneath comes to the surface. Anesthesiologist see that masking of a pain lower in the spinal tract by a pain higher up that steals the brain's attention. I have reproduced his results.
Reach Dr. Berger at .
ON PAIN: If microcurrent takes away the pain once and it stays away for a few days but later it returns; Microcurrent will aways be able take that pain away.
Chronic Pain: Making it STAY away is the trick!
But microcurrent does not always have those one time pain fixes. That's when I plug in the FIR mats, earthing pads and might have you try out a friend's PEMF pad (The BEMER, QRS or MRS2000). These mats conduct "mother earth's" frequencies into the body to heal the deeper inflammation energetically.
    This when an Naturopathetic Doctor can really help. You might have a genetic snip like subclinical hypothyroidism   that is blocking your recovery. Everyone needs Mg++ and vitamin D3 at least as our soils are used up from all our mass farming. Your diet needs to be cleaned up and for sure your body needs to be detoxified of enviromental poisions. You can own a MEND unit with your body's favorite protocols in it that will keep you out of pain without drugs. You can sleep on your Earthing sheets or on top of your FIR mat (FIRM).  These are some of the tools that will help you!
Dr Berger
  The military needs to  beat the NFL to the
    'punch' in effective head trauma treatment.
                 The time for the future is NOW!
The pathologist, Dr. Bennet Omalu's work on traumatic brain injury, TBI.
     There are a handful of professionals who started the www.FrequenciesThat and  who have been teaching microcurrent for over 5 years and running their own microcurrent practices from various licensing back grounds. Together they have 660 protocols. I trust that those very talented FTM teachers will be able to make up a combat protocols package for the Wellness unit. All we have to do is ask nicely.
    It is not possible nor desirable to obtain "FDA" approval on each protocol, because the history from each patient should cause them to be modified to apply. The important point is that these microamperage units produce the same microamperage current as the body uses to communicate between cells. The "FDA approval" is for a transcutaneous electro stimulating unit. This is similar to applying electro-stimulation to acupuncture needles. The frequencies are from nature and the amperages are safe.
  Microcurrent means that these units use 1/1,000,000 (one millionth) of an amp.  This is Dr. Becker's salamander re-growing amperage. The shopping center $75 TENS units use 1/1,000 (one thousandth) amp, much stronger which put the nerves to 'sleep' without building ATP and stopping the cytokinin reaction.
              [Contact me at]
Orthopedic Surgeon Bill Krissoff, CDR/MC/USN joined to serve in OEF after his Marine son was killed on a IED there. He would be amazed at what microcurrent can do for bone and wound healing.
O.Robert Becker, MD, FCS orthopedic researcher in 1970-80s already demonstrated microcurrent's efficacy in non-union and septic fractures.
FIREWORKS on the 4th?           Freaking out??
       Starting on July 2nd and 3rd, Ziva started trying to hide in the back of the house when the neighbors exploded their firecrackers. This was the first time in 9 years she has gone into the flight reaction. So at 1700 hours on the 4th, I ran the PTSD A&B and the Concuzzion Go-Go (from 3 units). After that she curled up and slept until 0545hrs. (She ALWAYS eats breakfast at 0400 hrs-that's what hunting dogs do.) Try it, running before the explosions start. (I put 3 positive leads on her front ankle and 3 negative leads on the opposite rear ankle and wrap each leg up with a plastic bag so the current does not jump.)  Next year we may have to start this on the 2nd or 3rd. You can use the same concept for military 'vets'.
       Dr. Harris's daughter is a veterinarian who said that the 5th of July is the busiest day for animal shelters with run-away terrified dogs and the vet's office all year long. 
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