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LEVEL 3: ESSENTIAL OILS -Frequencies from nature
The Thunderbird sends it's lilghtning bolts to heal Mother Earth~Native American Source of The ALL.
 The Ancient Ones Knew Its Power

Without Electrons, Oxygen, Water, Food and Electro-Magnetic waves

  -no human can survive long on earth!


     In 1961 Yuri Gagarin , the first man to leave earth's electro-magnetic field returned nearly dead because we did not know of the critical role electrons serve. We didn't know until he was without them.

     Dr. Valerie Hunt, UCLA physiologist, in her

Mu and Anechoic rooms in 1972-5  removed

subjects electron fields and they fell to the

floor. When she removed the electro-magnetic

fields they also lost their energy, but when she

increased the fields above normal they were

able to walk on their toes. All by manupulation

of their energy fields. See pages 29-34.

Dr. Valerie Hunt's important life work on human energy fields and wellness.
    In 2010 the American Heart Association's  BLS   guidelines included only chest compressions and AED cardio-version as fast as possible. Only by sending 360 joules of electrons into the heart muscle's electron depleted mitochondria and conduction system could death be prevented. By 2015 the Seattle Metropolitan area was sending 60% of the witnessed cardiac drops home from the hospital due to witnesser chest compressions, cell phones, and electrical defibrilation.  
Ref: Amer Heart Assoc. BLS for Health Care Providers, 4 Nov, 2015, Seattle, WA.
   [Injection of all those electrons also charged up the circulating RBCs increasing the ease of RBC oxygen transportation during chest compression by reducing the slugging- which the AHA doesn't know as they do not do dark field microscopy for rouleau at cardiac arrest. See below.]
[ Warning: Do Not get struck by lightning. Although it is reported that several of the survivors have had their cancers cured and arthritis healed.] 
Lightning restores earth electrons
Lightning, free image from www.nationalgeographic

Surgical Axiom #1-  All Bleeding Stops!

Surgical Axiom #2- 'A chance to cut is a chance to cure'.

Surgical Axiom #3-  NO ONE is allowed to die on the operating table.


Surgical Axiom #3  'trumps' Surgical Axiom #2 

Case report #1: Earthing pad early success-        Level 1

                           Negative Ion Donation

One of Clint's early treatment successes had a painful arthritic knee that needed knee surgery but also had atrial fibrillation which made her afraid to have surgery. Clint gave her one of his 'pads' to rest her feet on at work. About 6-9 months later her atrial fibrillation stopped so she figured it was safe to have her knee operation except by then her knee was 'normal'. She now spends 90% of her time 'Earthing'.

    EARTHING-  LEVEL 1  The best source of electrons is from walking barefoot on Mother earth who receives hers from lightning strikes. The next best is from Clint Ober's Earthing pads and mattress covers.  First he had to recover from his surgery for a severe liver abcess. He decided he needed to retire and find his 'mission'. One night out of experimental curiosity he wired himself to a grounding rod into the earth outside of his bedroom and noticed that his chronic  pill-dependant back pain was gone after he slept grounded. Please check out his book- he is another health hero. Listen to Dr. Mercola's interview with Clint from Dr. Mercola's video library.
   One of the important basic cellular changes that adding electrons to your body is the loss of red blood cell clumping-'Rouleau' and the increase in speed of RBCs through the blood vessels, especially in the microcapillary perfusion. The not healthy clumped RBCs  stay stuck together until they get filled with negative charges so they can repell each other. They transformed into racing cars and transport their oxygen and electrons to the cells and pick up the CO2 and toxins and race to the lungs, liver, and kidney to dump off the waste. In the US this rapid RBC speeding is called their 'Zeta potential'.
       The following photo from Earthing,the most important health discovery ever?, (2010, p 175, figure 11-1 with kind permission from the authors) shows clumping before earthing and no clumping after 45 minutes of pad earthing.
       'clumped badly' - 'freed up and fast'
The Earthing Pad from
"Earthing", the book by Clint Ober

  The Power of the Electron

 one of the sub-atomic particles in "PEP."

     Electrons 'treat' chronic inflammation the best. Using infrared thermalography the reduction of  chronic pain after earthing was documented.
     In the foods we eat the electron donors are called antioxidants. Watch the effect on the blood, white cells, RBCs and the 'invaders' after the subject was taking golgi juice for several days.This video required the use of an impressive high resolution blood imaging digital microscope delevoped by Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega from Johns Hopkins and was recorded over many days.
      I am not advocating golgi as a treatment, but I want you to see  what happens to the behavior of the antioxidant treated white blood cells as they attack the bacteria, uric acid crystals and fungus found floating in the blood plasma just by adding electrons. (7 Jul 2009). Watch Golgi berry- electron donors as they clear the blood.
    His digital microscope is a 'physiological test of cure', better that the PLC-M paper testing.

Case report #2: Thought Field Therapy (TFT) reduces Rouleau.

     [TFT is manual meridian tapping in of electron waves/particles.]  LEVEL 1

The dark field microscope tech who was testing Roger Callahan's blood for Rouleau- sludging had a extreme fatigue, at '10'/10, and felt she was getting the 'flu'. He asked her to look at her own blood which showed she had 100% rouleau. After he TFT tapped her for eight minutes, until her symptoms were '1'/10, she redrew her blood and the rouleau was 100% gone. She exclaimed that she 'never' sees such immediate improvement like that.  Roger had just

clinically demonstrated the rapid effectiveness

of meridian tapping on RBC electron loading and

decreased slugging.


See Tapping the Healer Within, 2001, Callahan, Phd, pp 49-50.

#3  EFT's Case reports of rouleaux production (2013) with founder, Gary Craig (a Stanford engineer). Before 2010 in his The EFT Course on DVD he presented "3-6 Days at the VA" (basically helping Viet Nam vets) outside the Bay area. After you bought his DVD package he wanted you to make 100 copies of each disc and give them away.
   Before he retired he made a Youtube for veterans with their stories. It is powerful and very triggering but a must see for civilian EMTs and emergency nurses.
    Vets and Active Duties: DO NOT watch this without a medic trained in MASERS
 to bring you back home safely! 
Gary worked diligently on helping vets 'come home' before
he retired and then Dawson Church, PhD took over his role at Thanks,Gary!
       ELECTRONS load up on the clumpy RBCs (like charging up tiny red "Priuses" batteries), stop the clumping/ lumping, and jump start the speeding RBCs into carrying oxygen and more electrons to heal the tissues in the distant micro-circulation (there is plenty of carrying space on their cell walls). They sweep out the toxins, neutralize those nasty free radicals and restore membrane potential balance.
        Super charged RBCs save the day!  They feed the mitochondria electron stores!   The POWER OF PEP!
Lightning strike, huge!
Lightning image from www.nationalgeographicfree images

  Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy 

has been studied clinically in Europe for 30 years.

Dietrick Klinghardt, MD, Phd, from Germany states

it simply, Germany uses bio-physics medicine and 

American uses bio-chemistry. "They need to learn

from each other". All three home use PEMF mats

are from Germany.The QRS manual, Doctor's recipe for success: The Quantum Therapy based on Prof. Dr. Fischer's original work, translated from German, ( presents the scientific back ground and clinical experience very completely. He sent the QRS into space. It is readable. (I do not recommend buying Magnetic Therapy, it is not.)


    Rouleau Formation and PEMF mats: 

   The iMRS Lowers Blood Viscosity Improving Circulation and Microcirculation        by Magda Havas
    "The photograph in the 1st slide of figure below uses live blood microscopy to depict a sample of “stressed” blood exhibiting the Rouleau effect, which is when red blood cells clump together, stacked like coins. This effect reduces the overall surface area of hemoglobin making it difficult for freshly breathed in oxygen to find a home. The Rouleau effects further inhibits proper oxygenation to the cells because the red blood cells do not circulate well enough to deliver oxygen where it is needed. This is because the capillaries in your body are so tiny that red blood cells can only pass through one at a time in a single file line. AND, it’s in the capillaries where nutrients and oxygen are transferred to your cells.
     Rouleaux is the hallmark lesion in Sickle Cell anemia. The rouleaux clumping causes lack of oxygen to the tissues with resulting pain crisis.
      There is a simple explanation why the Rouleau effect occurs, it’s related to voltage. When your RBC cellular voltage is low, the charge on the outside of the cell is diminished allowing the cells to stick together and stack like coins. Healthy cells have a strong charge on the outside of the cells, and by simple electrostatics, will repel each other. Remember like charges repel. There is no way you can have clumping cells if your cellular voltage is strong. Its straightforward physics!
    The 2nd slide in figure 22 shows the same blood after a single 8-minute session with a popular PEMF device that uses the earth’s natural frequencies. Notice that by simply charging up the cells with an earth-based PEMF device, we quickly improve the health of our red blood cells and assist in better oxygenating our cells.Also of note, PEMF therapy assists in lowering blood and lymph viscosity, allowing liquids to flow more easily. Lower viscosity means wetter, thinner blood that flows easier. Red blood cells separate in response to earth-inspired PEMF frequencies allowing a smoother flow of blood and lymph and more surface area to transport oxygen. This helps to naturally lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of blockage in the arteries."
The iMRS 2000 increases Cellular Voltage and Reverses the Rouleau Effect.
 Cardiac Resusitation: Successful CPR requires  manual pressure pumping  of the myocardium to move oxygen from the heart to the lungs to the heart to the brain-
 AND 360 joules of electrons from the AED to stablized the cells resting membrane potential and recharge the mitochondria so the heart beat will normalize. 
The Go-Go muscle hyper-sympathetic arrousal  is treated the same way: MASER treatment is PRESSURE PUMPING over the meridians for circulation of energy particules and electrons from the MEND unit batteries or phonons from the BAUD unit batteries. The muscles switch to being relaxed and soft, back to normal.
Watch Bryant Meyers' excellent youtube on PEMF.  He is a gifted teacher of a difficult subject. He presents real hope for healing for the future.
        [Or you can read his PDF below as condensed from his textbook.]

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field- PEMF has been studied clinically in Europe for 30 years.                       Level   3

Structured Water [containing negative ions] Effects on Blood:  Level 2  Rouleaux clumping disappears 12 minutes after drinking 'structured water'.    Another dark field microscope study~ Dr. Perla LaPeria.
BIO-MAT's 17 layered construction

     The Bio-Mat can generate negative ions (layer #07) without running the infrared heating element. Once again 'Healing is Voltage'. By sending electrons  how ever you can, into the mitochodria makes ATP which is the energy the cell needs to heal itself.  Level 2   

BIO-MAT FIR heating mat releaves pain and reduces inflammation
Lightning in upper Manhattan
   Lightning in Upper Manhattan  from www.freestockimages #6557370

   Only  real Native Americans can 'legally' speak about the "healing power of plants" because it is part of their 'religious' belief system. The oil which is believed to have the strongest anti-oxidant effect is Helichrysum italicum, to be applied topically. Ziva 'likes' Pain Ease and Arthritis Plus from Rocky Mountain Oils on her inner ear flap when she is getting treated for her hip dysplasia and shoulder pain with FTM/FSM microcurrent. If you look for a 'Raindrop Technique' practicianer, it is supposed to be very relaxing for back pain.

   I have very little clinical experience with

oils, but some of my patients like to use

them daily and find them to be helpful

even for some 'ptsd' symptoms.

See Bevonne Crookston'sThe Healing

Power of Liquid Copals Original Pure

Essential Oils,2014, covering use of

the Rocky Mountain Oils collection.


Bevonne's text book uses Rocky Mountain oils,available at
LAVENDER Reduces Opiate Use in ICU: more news from SOMA
    An ICU nurse (army medic) reported that his hospital ICU just finished a clinical trial using lavender drops (on a cotton ball taped to the hospital gown) every 12 hours vs no lavender. The lavender patients used significant less opiates than the regular patients. It is a ketone/ester and is a 'sedative, tonic, antispasmodic, calming, anticoagulant, skin healing.....' May 2016
     Formula 303 is a homeopathic tablet which carries the energetic frequencies of Valerian officinalis 6P (German Commission E lists it as an effective treatment for restlessness and sleep disturbances from nervous conditions-x1), passiflora incarnata 3P (sedative and antidote-x1), and magnesium carbonate 1P(muscle relaxant-x1). (Formula 303 ® is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark office for relief of Muscle Spasm, Tension and Stress under Registration No. 2,965,955.) It must be protected from light.  Made in the USA. The manufacturer states that it can be taken before bedtime for sleep. Once your sympathetic nervous system is cleared of trauma memory your sleep should become normal again.
      I am listing it here because a 74 yo lady who had extreme early childhood life threatening stressors and carries latent PTSD with triggering episodes to this day, carries the Formula 303 pill vial with her at all times. When she feels her heart rate starting to go up, she pops 1/2 pill and within 5 minutes her panic attack is aborted. That dose lasts ~ 3 hours for her. She states that she is not sedated, just calmed. Read the review.
      I have no experience with
using it on combat PTSD.
(As a surgeon I never had to
learn to use homeopathic
medications in the first place.
British doctors have more experience
using Homeopathics). Available over the
counter- (on line).
      If anyone has used Formula 303
and has feed back, send me a sitrep!! 
'ECO-THERAPY' recruits veterans with PTSD to work clearing and restoring Washington land sites. Developed and run by a US Navy Corpsman, Jeremy Grisham, Veterans Conservation Corps Program Coordinator in the Behavioral Health Program out of the WA Dept of Veterans Affairs, Olympia,WA [contact <>].  Cell: 206-402-1977 with permission.
      While working in direct contact with the earth, the veteran's body gains a supply of negative 'healing' ions daily, naturally.
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