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'DETOX or DIE': Level 2: Sherry Rogers, MD -Pesticide Poisoning

                            Level 3: Simon Yu, MD, Col/MC/USA -Parasites

                            Level 3: Jerry Tennant, MD -Viruses and 'Voltage'

                            Level 3: Gary Gordon, DO, MD - Genetics & Chelation

                            Level 4: Stephanie Seneff, PhD -Glyphosate/toxins

                            Level 4: Richie Shoemaker, MD -Mold

During your active duty service your body will have been exposed to toxics which you will transfer to each baby while it is in your uterus. It is to your future child's well being that you 'detoxify' yourself before you plan to conceive.
While I was at Camp LeJeune in 1976-78 my family was 'exposed to drinking water contaiminated with volatile organic compunds (VOCs), including industrial solvents and components of fuels.' This is the Marines ongoing study of disease outcomes from 30 years of drinking water exposure. (1957-1987)(
This page is dedicated to all the women who served with fiery dedication despite all gender negative expectations. 
Women active duty Marines


" No doctor can cure you. No medicine can cure you. But you can cure you! The only thing that matters is what has caused the symptoms and whether you have enough knowledge to reverse and get rid of that cause."


  Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD, A.B.F.P., A.B.E.M.,

F.A.C.A.A.I.,  F.A.C.N.,  has written the 'bible'

of detoxification for novice professionals.

History: It was her job growing up on her

family's farm to drive the tractor that sprayed pesticides on their crops. Later when  she became very sick, no doctor using 'standardized medical therapies' based on 'clinical trials' could get her well again. So she searched for her cure and became an 'expert' on what worked to heal herself. She has authored 11 textbooks and a 'Chemical Sensitivity' booklet. In her books she reviewed supplement resources and supply companies. She spends her time educating physicians and markets only her books.

        From her I learned about Far Infra Red light frequency's ability to detox the body. She recommends using the Far Infra Red sauna to safely 'sweat out' toxins.  In chapter 5 there is a guide to safe use of sauna sweating treatment.         

                            "Sweating is sweating"!


     I was also interested in her information on rebuilding new body cell membranes and 'feeding' our mitochondria (the energy power houses of our body) with magnesium. She reported the importance of taking PhosChol 900 capsules to supply the body's need for rebuilding of one of the layers that make up all cell membranes.  It is a sweet oily liquid that can be taken orally or rubbed into the skin. Although I majored in physiology in college we were never learned where the cells got their building blocks. 

    This is a very knowledgeable, precise, wise  and emphatic   lady doctor who is an excellent writer and teacher.

Detoxify or Die by Dr. Rogers is complete.

   MEDICAL           WARRIOR

     In “Accidental Cure”, 2010, Simon Yu, MD, an Army Reserve officer attached to Landstuhl US Army Hospital in Germany during OIF, 2005 received the wounded after their acute trauma surgery had been done in field hospitals. He found that persistent pain cases were frequently due to parasite infections which had been previously not even considered.    

   However, Landstuhl Army Hospital pharmacy did not carry anti-parasitic medications. He then found that the US veterinarians had a very effective canine parasite detox pill! Soon he developed a referral practice with patients who were sent to him with symptoms that 'standard medical therapies' could not help. He looked into their symptoms and found undiagnosed parasites everywhere in his military population. Once he got the proper anti-parasite medications, it was easy to cure  these 'difficult patients'.

  He introduced Dr. Reinhard Voll’s  electroacupuncture (EAV) or Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) from Germany, which locates infections, toxins, sick teeth, and parasite hidden in the body and ‘seen’ by their sound  frequencies found in  various meridian  points. The ability of a ‘tricorder’ like instrument to diagnosis  the ‘bugs’ by their own  frequency and find out who is invading puts a new light on acute infectious disease treatments which are 'standardly' treated by just throwing triple antibiotics at everything.     What do you do when these bugs become 'resistent' to antibiotics (a VERY important question)?

Dr. Yu's web site ,www.preventionand suports his current educational projects, EAV or the German AMA which locates infections and toxins hidden in the body.
   Dr. Yu outlines his 13 health stressors: poor diet, lack of pure water, psychological stress, medical therapies, environmental and heavy metal poisons, parasites, allergies, inactivity, vaccinations, skeletal imbalance, lack of natural sunlight, electromagnetic pollution, genetically modified organisms, and scars.  
    He focuses on the negative effect of dental infections and amalgams, lack of iodine, and the importance of cooking with really good sea salt. He discusses  the gallbladder/liver flush. His web site has fast reads on all his topics. 
   Dr. Yu asked me to tell you that he has now started training MDs, DOs and NDs in the use of his German AMA instrument. Go to his web site to sign up. 
  [I never got to ask him if he had had
          any intimate contact with parasites.] 
    Regardless, I do consider Dr. Yu, an Army reservist, to be a proper military hero!
            'Thank you for your service, sir!'

   MEDICAL           WARRIOR

       Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, eye surgeon was the first to implant lens and then proceed to do his surgery in outpatient facilities for cheaper patient costs and more rapid scheduling. At the time he started doing that-'it' was 'unheard of!' Now 'that' is the 'standard of care'.

      After inhaling the laser plume loaded with virus particles from eye surgery patients he got viral encephalitis and was bed ridden for 7 years. None of his brilliant infectious disease consultants, no one was able to make his brain fog disappear! That's when he realized that the only doctor who was able to get him working again was himself.

     His brain works like a physicist's, who really  understands electricity and volts....if you want to learn more, read his book 'Healing is Voltage', 2013. His wellness plan is to use electrons to heal the tissues.

He believes that all disease comes from a

loss of electrons that are necessary to stay

healthy. Electrons are stored inside the

mitochondria in ATP. Muscle cells all have

2000 mitochondria per cell. [Cardiac muscle

has 2500/cell and the brain 2000/cell. The

rest of the tissues, not so many.] Amazingly,

the EKG is recordable up to 15 feet away

from the body thanks to the concentration

of functioning myocardial electrons.

    Dr. Tennant properly calls the muscles the 'battery packs' of the body. Inside their mitochondria are stored the electrons that keep things 'humming' and are the back up storage. When the body is under stress 'free radicals' -the bad guys- are released and the electrons- the antioxidants-the good guys must come to neutralize them. Too much stress can deplete the electrons creating inflammation, pain and disease.

   See Lightning and Electrons.

   MEDICAL           WARRIOR

The Biomodulator "tricorder" treats weak meridians, by Tennant.
   The Biomodulator is $2750 and comes with a 2 1/2 day very educational training course in Dallas Texas. He has been studying its use for military combat injuries compared to accupuncture. His staff is very supportive.
     The Bio-Modulator, one of his inventions, works by reading out the electron charge on each meridian system to see which one is healthy or depleted [a 'real' hand held 'tricorder' biofeedback device out of Star Trek.] It is similiar concept as Voll's AMA device from Germany for tissue diagnosis.
      But the Bio-Modulator has FDA license as a 'TENS' unit, to treat chronic and manage acute post surgery and traumatic pain.  It also includes a biofedback system that adapts the current to tissue resistence levels. It's 'hum' frequency is in 1/1,000,000 amps which is the amperage our tissues use. [Generic $75 TENS units use a 'hum' in 1/1,000 amps which basically 'over powers' the nerves.]  It requires a prescription, 2 AA batteries, is made in Texas, and is very portable. I was told that it 'buzzes' like incoming ordnance.
     Training courses are recommended and are available on his web site. An accessary PEMF wand ($3000) is available.   These courses are packed full of healing topics like iodine, dental metal, fulvic acid detox, essential oils and minerals. 
        Dr. Tennant has spend over 7 years learning how to rescue  his  body from disease so he could heal others. He learned to support the body's natural ability to heal.Thank you for your enlightening research into bio-physics and the need our bodies have for electrical healing!
Dr. Garry Gordon's practical talk on detoxification: Chelation, Detox, Oxidative Therapies, Infrared, Homeopathy. 
                     [His most recent 2015 video before his RESTORE video Aug 2015.]
Dr. Gordon 80 yo survived premature cardiac death at 28. Now he uses EDTA to detox his body and maintain his health. His web site, has a wealth of research information on supplements and healing.
He is an educator of medical practicianers.

   MEDICAL           WARRIOR

   MEDICAL           WARRIOR

      This Medical Warrior ribbon is awarded to Drs. Gordon, Rogers, Tennant, & Yu for their excellent professional work during the completion of their difficult recon missions of finding and destroying the enemy and then staying to supply and support the body through the time it needed to be able to heal itself. All were traditionally trained medical doctors who happened to be very good thinkers and persistent seekers of a high standards of wellness for their own bodies and their patients.
   Dr. Gordon's enemy was genetic disorders, Dr. Rogers was pesticide toxins, Dr. Tennant's was inhaled virus particles, and Dr. Yu's was parasites. They elected their 'recon' mission because none of the 'standard treatments' were effective in healing. Abandoning their patient was just NOT AN OPTION!           [Contact any US Marine for the definition of 'recon'.]

Epidemics  are NOT genetic!


   Stephanie Seneff, PhD, MIT, released a 'Public Download' of her and Swanson's work on glyphosate's impacts on health. Above, the red line is glyphosate [1997] applications to corn and soy crops correlated to autism cases.
   [Below she graphs four other disease correlations.]
      Seneff quotes Nevison Environmental Health 2014:13.73  warning that 'polybrominated diphenyl ethers (fire retardants), alumium adjuvants and the herbicide glyphosate (Round up) have increasing trends that correlate positively to the rise in autism.' 
     Seneff says that it is now being used on corn, soy, sugar beets and canola. Canola oil  marketed as 'LEAR'-low erucic acid canola oil has to have <2% erucic acid which is a myocardium toxin. Rapeseed, source of canola oil, was hybridized to produce 'LEAR' seeds. So now canola oil has both low erucic acid and glyphosate contamination. Check out how many grocery items are now produced using canola oil. Personally, I've switched to butter, coconut, sesame, avocado, walnut and olive oils. But it's your choice.
   And you thought that you only had to detox your body from agent orange, asbestos, bromine, burn pit smoke, and other combat related heavy metals.
 Glyphosate Toxicity              LEVEL2


          starting in ~1997

 Monsanto's ROUND-UP Declared          

   "Carcinogenic" by California Judge                  reports Dr. Mercola,14 February 2017 
LEVEL 4: MOLD is another silent enemy that Richie Shoemaker, MD has been hunting down for years. "From the forewords by Dr. Richard Lipsey and Bianca Jagger to the Epilogue, with the inside story on the cancellation of an entire season of Scotia Prince Cruises in Portland, Maine. Mold Warriors is the first book that brings together the truths that underlies the struggle of patients made ill by toxin-forming mold growing in water-damaged buildings to regain their health and their lives. Mold Warriors has 640 pages and 25 chapters of compelling writing and actual events that demonstrate the medical, legal and scientific battles of the Mold Wars.
     Biologically produced toxins make many of
us chronically ill, steal the life-savings of many
victims, prevent our children from achieving
their academic potential and our health care
system is largely blind to diagnosis and
treatment. By reading Mold Warriors, you will
learn how to use the Biotoxin Pathway, a
magnificent scientific and medical breakthrough,
to then easily recognize and treat the mold
illness, leaving behind meaningless diagnoses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, stress, “chronic pain syndrome,” deconditioning and more.
  With Mold Warriors as your companion, you will not be forced to listen to “experts” who tell us that damp buildings might cause respiratory problems, but not neurologic problems, fatigue and cognitive impairment. You will be freed from legal defense consultants who would attempt to falsely deny you your legal rights to compensation for property loss and personal injury.    
       Here are the facts about mold illness; show them to your Congressman and your physician. If you are made ill by exposed to water-damaged buildings, use Mold Warriors to show what is wrong with you on a printed page of lab reports; sometimes just knowing what is wrong becomes the biggest step towards return to health.
    Begin a step-by-step treatment protocol, published in high level, peer-reviewed, academic journals, that provides a plan to treat sequentially the complex physiologic abnormalities that are caused by exposure to biotoxin-forming indoor molds. You don’t have to stay ill from mold any longer." It is also available in a kindle edition. It is a very complete in depth read.
The silent black invader is exposed by Shoemaker for all to see.
April 2016 marks the opening ao all combat roles to women!
All combat roles opened to women by April 2016.                               (Reported 4 December 2015  by IAVA)
'American Airman' by Max Impact- the USAF Band
 14 Sept 2015- written by TSgt N. Quintello + SMSgt M. Ascione- free download from
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