Two Channel Microcurrent Units:
           The Hardware and the Training Sites
LEVEL 3: Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) training site
LEVEL 3: Frequencies That Mend (FTM) 2016 training site
                 Mend Technology programable microcurrent treatment units
LEVEL 3: Kondrot's Microcurrent Conferences (October-annually)
                 Attention Orthopedic Surgeons: Bill Krissoff, CDR/MC/USN
THE FUTURE: MEND units in the field, the air and the operating theatres
  LEVEL 3: FSM units are an FDA medical device licensed as a transcutaneous electric nerve stimulator or 'Tens'.
It was introduced from Europe in 1920s and re-discovered in 1994 by a chiropractor, Dr. Caolyn McMakin who was amazed at the rapid healing she was getting for her patients. She 'had to' start teaching others to use this micro-current technology.  Her  textbook has been out since 2011. Most of the current practicianers in the world have been trained by her. Thank you!
      The list of published articles
can be read at her web site as well
as a practicianer list. To qualify for
training you must be licensed to
use electrical devices (MD, RNP,
speech therapist, DC, OD, PT,
RN, massage therapist, ND,
acupuncturist, veterinarian) or
be a staff 'technician' to be trained.
Training starts with a 'core' and
then 'advanced' (2-3 day) sessions.
       A few insurance plans are starting to cover the cost of microcurrent treatment sessions by a practicianer.
LEVEL 3: Frequency specific microcurrent units are a 2 channel, microamperage, battery operated system. A patient may purchase their own unit under a prescription by a MD or RNP. Units are $1400-$1600 and are programable by the provider or supplied loaded with a fixed grouping of protocols. There are only  2 microcurrent unit providers who use the frequency pair protocols from McWilliams list. I use the InspirStar units whose software is totally compatable with my protocol specifications.
    Ziva in treatment. I wrap plastic bags wrap around the wet rayon attachment leads. She loves her current as it takes away her hip dysplasia pain ( treatment is every 6-8 weeks and she is drug free).
  As soon as it is done she sits up and is ready to go. It looks like she can 'hear' the frequencies. If I don't get the correct ones she will try to move off.
     We healed a deep raccoon skin laceration in 15 days without stitches. I also treated her for combat ptsd after that battle.
     I have my own 'library' of effective protocols which can then be   loaded into the units from the master computer program in my PC. They can also be e-mailed to other professionals for their FSM library.
      MEND Techology has two (new in 2016)  FTM/FSM  microcurrent units. The "Professional" unit stores 999 protocols. The "Wellness" unit has 99 which will provide more than enough protocols for the medics' use downrange and to and from the operating room. Neither are currently structurally combat grade.
    In 2007, InspirStar presented the first programmable two channel Microcurrent stimulator designed to run Charles McWilliams list of frequencies. It stored 10 programs and ran off two AA batteries. It was developed by Ning Wu who created both new MEND Technology units which also run off two AA batteries.  These new  units comunicate with a PC using a USB cable. 
   A FTM/FSM trained licensed
'provider'- MD, DC, DO, PA, RN-
can download protocols into the
unit for you. Training sessions
are available through
www.frequencies that
Contact: Sheila and mention (me)
and your service and rank
for military discount pricing.
Toll-Free: 855.445.3971  
Direct: 503.594.4045
Fax: 503.594.4046 Portland, PST
         Dr. Ed Kondrot hosts his Annual Microcurrent Conference in October bringing together practicianers from diverse areas of specialization to share their interesting cases and learn from each other. The case presentations are published yearly in The Proceedings of the xth Annual Microcurrent Case Conference, from Kondrot is an eye doctor.
          In 2016 Dr. Charles McWilliams, a founding father,
presented his Voll meridian measurement tool and much more.  Al Berger, DC was back with more on his  amazing Scar Matrix healing protocol. Vanessa Howe, PT introduced her brand new Sports and Home microcurrent units.
My goal is to see FTM/MENDTechnology microcurrent units on all medivacs, treating the acute fractures and bleeding before the warrior arrives at the hospital. And then taken into the OR to stop bleeding and start wound healing as the surgeons are closing.
     All blast, TBI injuries, and spinal cord traumas should be immediately treated with MEND units in the field to stop the neuronal leaking using an 'acute neural damage' protocol in clinical trials. Those first minutes are  the window of opportunity for immediate electron frequencies to be sent in to prevent long term scarring and paralysis.
                      The time for the future is NOW!

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      HISTORY: OF is the result of 39 years of working with traumatized patients for whom standard medical school teachings, residency training in ACOG's board certification process, 2 fellowships in Special Pelvic Surgery and Gyn-Urology provided no help for their pain. Healing solutions were finally found in the manual therapy, cellular biology, quantum physics, mitichondrial medicine  and the  Chinese and European electro-biology  communities.        

      The treatment of trauma is evolving. As we learn more bio-physics techniques, more solutions will    become available.                                                                             copyrighted: 28 June 2016                         

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