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                  'core focused' EMDR / IADC / BOTKIN, PsyD 
           Research / SomaticExperiencing Therapy/Levine, PhD
    In 2010 Bessel van der Kolk,MD, a civilian expert on 'ptsd', summarized all 'CAPS' based clinical trials which used a clinical interview by a trained mental health professional pre and post therapy( not based on pencil flipping PLC-M paper tests). This collected data summary from his lecture in Seattle, with permission, showed that 'talk therapy' (CBT and PRT- both highly regarded by many mental health professionals) was ineffective in treating 'PTSD'  ( the symptoms decreased but never got below the critical 50% cut off.
       'Core-focused'  EMDR was the ONLY effective treatment  he could find and 'it held' effectiveness at the 6 month follow up. For civilians, PROZAC was effective in symptom reduction for as long as they were taking that Serotonin enhancing drug.
    'Core-focused' EMDR is a 4-Star therapy!   It uses 20-30  bilateral eye swings followed by (while focused on the fear) closing your eyes.  Any mental health licensed professional can be trained to use its rather simple technique developed by Francine Shapiro, PhD, in the 1987-1995  
               There seems to be resistence to learning it.
   By 2010, Bessel had started using one handed 8 point  EFT self tapping by his own trauma patients as they told him their stories in his traditional talk therapy sessions. He tapped on himself mirroring the patient.
   He has helped set up the Camp LeJeune yoga training for the Marines 'ptsd'. He is always looking for effective 'ptsd' therapies.
     By 2012 David Feinstein, PhD reported that EFT also had provided 'evidence-based' data from it's rapid, long lasting effectiveness. EFT was used in veterans to significantly drop cortisol blood levels compared to talk therapy or controls. A physiological measurement improvement like cortisol levels is my idea of the 'gold standard' test of cure.  EFT is another 4 star therapy option.
    And again, there seems to be resistence, in Washington state anyway, to learning and applying it.      
    Now, in 2015,  EMDR and EFT have risen to the most clinically effective 'ptsd' therapy for veterans.
   All veterans should be trained in MASER 24 point military grade EFT                            for home self care and have as many EMDR-IADC sessions as needed to break the back of their 'ptsd'.  Dr. Allan Botkin, PsyD, expert in EMDR-IADC with 20 years experience working in the VA would certainly be a perfect instructor for training all the military mental health active duty personnel. 

    EMDR ( Eye Motion Dissociation Recon -Core Focused)  was determined by critical review in 2008  to be the only 'effective' treatment for combat stress reaction 'ptsd'. Prozac was effective for civilian 'ptsd'.
















      Dr. Botkin explains his 20 years working with veterans getting them out of the 'ptsd' FEAR Trauma Freeze reactions. (55min) 


    "Published on May 1, 2014, Induced After-Death Communication (IADC) is a real breakthrough in the fields of grief and trauma therapy. Allan L. Botkin, a Doctor of Psychology, worked for 20 years at a VA hospital and specialized in treating PTSD among combat veterans. He discovered that a variation of EMDR, or eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing, reliably induced after-death communications in his patients, giving them dramatic relief from the anger, guilt and sadness they had been carrying. He has since expanded the use of the technique with impressive results, which are described in his book, Induced After Death Communication.  Dr. Botkin's websites are and for veterans and their families:" He has clinics in Italy and Germany who are successfully using his methods.



Warriors please watch the veterans stories

 in the 'Extended Scene' at this site!

    Quotation (2007) from the site: "The risk of suicide among male U.S. veterans is double that of the general population, according to a study…“We need to be more alert to the problem of suicide as a major public health issue and we need to do better screening among individuals who have served in the military, probe for their mental health risk as well as gun availability," said Dr. Mark S. Kaplan, professor of community health at Portland State University in Oregon, lead author of the  2007 study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.”

     One year later, reported, “The number of suicides among veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may exceed the combat death toll because of inadequate mental health care, the U.S. government's top psychiatric researcher said.”"

     And in 2008 the suicide rate exceeded as predicted the combat death rate.

   Dr. Al 'LOVES' to treat veterans. His two day package is available north of Chicago in my home town, Libertyville. His successful outcomes are 75-90%.  If you can afford the 2 day week end sessions I recommend him. (Call on Tuesday to schedule 1-847-680-0279. You might want to fly into the Milwaukee airport.)

Or go to his original web site to find one of the internationally available, trained therapists.

   Dr. Al did a private training session of his IADC = 'core-focused EMDR' with me in 2006, so I have seen it work. I am not a 'licensed mental health professional' and so do not use IADC. To understand 'how it works' you must study the optic nerve's alternative side motion effects. For now just find a IADC grade therapist and do it.

   Dr. Al's veteran patients trusted him as they led him down their path of healing_ He is another dedicated 'HEALING HERO"!


              HEALING  HERO  

Botkin worked 20 years at the VA clear Viet Nam war PTSD from grateful vets.
   PETER LEVINE, PhD, is known for his work on treating childhood trauma and teaching the parents how to be effective 'healers' of their children and for the polar bear trauma release video.  See all of his educational works at Somatic experiencing  therapy. He also treats military combat stress trauma and sexual abuse patients.(see Ray).
Peter Levine's trauma guide for parents to protect their kids from PTSD
Another Peter Levin book for kids PTSD
When the enemy is hidding behind the boulders
you have to get them
to stand up
before you can take them out!
Before you can shoot off 
the trauma triggers-
(the enemy)
See Hameroff's
 Fear activated 
memory triggered towers.
Successful PTSD treatment demands that the enemy, the microtubules stand up ( are activated) to be shot off.
'I'm Not Lost, I am Exploring' by Jana Stanfield

(Photo slideshow combined with the vocals of Jana Stanfield on the song "I'm Not Lost, I Am Exploring".       [educational permission by]
A production of UpTo, Produced by Quiddity: Live Inspired, Uploaded on Jan 19, 2009
Executive Producer: Jan Black, Photography by Jill Cannefax Photography, Song: "I'm Not Lost, I Am Exploring" by Jana Stanfield/Jerry Kimbrough, © 1993 Jana Stan Tunes (ASCAP)/Jerry Kimbrough from the CD "I'm Not Lost, I Am Exploring." by Jana Stanfield.)

     Dr. Barbara Harris (PTSD protocol) sent this song to me as it makes her think of  how my surgical clinical path lead me to finding brawny edema muscle memory fear tubules that were the cause of that vaginal body memory from childhood molestation.

                      Are you still exploring?

"It takes two people to tell the truth, one to say it  and another to hear it!                                                                                                       H.D.Thoreau
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