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I. Extracellular Matrix Conduction System

II. Negative Effects of FEAR Related to Heart Rate in Combat 



       Emotional Energy-FEAR- is transported via Extracellular Matrix Conduction System -that white stuff in the lamb chop (called fascia in surgery)- not by the very slow peripheral nervous system.

The EMCS alerts your microtubule memory system on the muscle cell membrains to make your muscles 'go' and get out of harm's way immediately. If you relied on your slow femoral nerve conduction in crisis you would be dead.

     Each cell is directly attached by the fascial 'cable' network- the meridian system- to each other and to environmental signaling input.      The 3000 year old meridian energy system was finally 'seen' after the discovery of the electron microscope. [1932-39]  


   Reference: Oschman, J,  Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance,

                                              2003, Ch.22, Soft Tissue Memory

Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance by James Oschman, PhD describes the Energy Matrix Conduction System for good understanding.
                 with permission from James Oschman, PhD
Conduction speed comparisions:
After the EM scope:                            As seen in the body before EM:
EMCS meridian/fascia system       vs      Peripheral nervous system
Speed of light 186,000 miles/ sec  vs      nerve conduction 180m/sec

Practical Implications of Deterioration of Combat Skills as the FEAR Induced Heart Rate Increases.

    This chart (p 31 with  his permission) plots the loss of fine motor skills (accurate shooting, piloting a plane) starting at 115 bpm as the fear based  sympathetic drive takes over the autonomic nervous system. After 145 bpm complex motor skills are lost, then hearing, then loss of near vision, depth perception, with tunnel vision following. Nearing 175 bpm, there is loss of cognitive processing and intensification of vasoconstriction to prevent bleeding.
    Muscle memory drilled skills take over at these levels using the extracellular matrix conduction system within the fascia.             Make sure that your practice is perfect. As what you practiced is what you are left with- so practice as perfectly as your muscle will need to know what to do at the time of stressful situations. Teach your kids to dial "9-1-1-send"(not 9-1-1.) Have them practice the finger moves so they can do it fast and with their eyes closed.
   This work is from Lt. Col Dave Grossman's
ON COMBAT, a must read for warriors.
Contact (<info@killology>),
    He lectures for the Human Testing Research
Group who are studying the causes of
school killings and perpetrators of wholesale
Do not miss an opportunity to hear him speak!
Best description of battle field physiology ever written, a must read for snipers.
Effects on Muscles
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