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     Patients Acknowledgement    

        Forty year review: 1971-2011

        Sgt. Lee 'Standing Bear' Moore, Elder, Healer and Guide

        Teachers Acknowledgement

        Marching Orders given

        Dedication: Ken Schar USNR WW II vet

        "Everything turns out for the best in the end!"

Thanks to all my patients who came to me with their fears, trusted me enough to tell me their pain either with their body language or verbally. Without their pain I could have easily stopped looking for a working
solution to the tissues' stress reaction I called 'vaginal body memory'.
    It was forty years from the time the dairy farmer's wife "JUMPED" away from her pelvic exam because of 'Vaginal Body Memory' until 11 July 2011 when the daughter of a psychiatrist, Capt/MC/USN, former catholic altar boy, was able to clear her vaginal sexual trauma created at age 7-9 for ever.
       We used MASER -full body tapping by her while running 3 microcurrent units for 45 minutes while I did a 'simple pelvic exam'. Her trust allowed me to be able to feel 5 areas of brawny edema within her vagina on the right side of her sacrum as they appeared in sequence. Better yet, I was able to feel each of  them 'melt' away over 4-5 minutes as their pain disappeared.    
        Each  brawny edematous nodule was attached         
      to a specific sexual abuser's "traumatic violation"!    
     Four months later she was still pain free and able to feel "JOY" for the first time in her life. From 1984 she had spent $31,000.00 in traditional in-patient and out-patient talking therapy, on medications-off meds, and had not progressed. She arrived wanting to find a solution as a 60 year old. She cleared her 'ptsd' reaction just like all the other ladies did, very rapidly.
     But as she did this she shared with me the secret issue locked in her vaginal tissues~~ the gift of learning the process of real healing.
         US Army Ranger Scout - Teacher-Mentor
                                            Lee Moore is my mentor, the Army                                               Ranger Scout during the Viet Nam war,                                             who has been my  guide and teacher                                               throughout  this mission.    I call him                                                'Grandfather' as it is the grand parents                                            who raise the children up in native                                                  society. He taught me Native American                                            healing ways and kept my canoe                                                      upright as I navigated the rapids in the                                            river and avoided crashing into big                                                  boulders.
                                        He served honorably as a Platoon                                                Sergeant, E-5, U.S. Army Infantry (Viet Nam) Long-Range Recon 1967 – 1969 MOS: 11C, 11F  He was awarded Silver Star, Bronze Star, Two Purple
Hearts; the Republic of Viet Nam Gallantry
Cross, Vietnam Service medal with 4 service
stars, and various Presidential/Unit citations
and badges. He was offered a Battlefield
Commission after the Battle of Nui Ba Din
Ranger Station 10/1968. 
    While in southeast Asia, he was one of the
88 Native Americans selected to work with
Ranger units as scouts.
Honorably discharged 1966 - 1973, he brought
PTSD home with him and cleared it on the sacred mountain-Manataka in the healing ways of his people as he had been trained to do. He also carried Agent Orange back with him, an industrial toxin for which tribal medicine has no cure.
                                       Jonv, 'Standing Bear', is a Kituwah Elder,                                         a spiritual healer trained by Frank Fools                                       Crow (Lakota) among other spiritual                                                  elders. Although in Kituwah society,                                               the Bear Clan disappeared centuries                                              ago. Its powerful healing traditions have                                       been handed down. For the past 51years                                        he has been a Bear Dancer trained  by                                             Grandpa Raymond Stone, Sr. (Paiute).                                             Bear Medicine is strong for healing the                                           wounds of the physical body as well as the mind and spirit. It has a parallel in both Chinese and African ancestral medicine.                    
          Through the Native American Indian Council he is a trusted guardian of the sacred grounds at Manataka in the Hot Springs reservation. In 2012 he sponsored an international spiritual gathering on Manataka to celebrate the turning of the Mayan calendar. As a respected elder he works with the local VA to help improve veterans care.
          He is a true warrior and  protector of the peoples of this earth. We are truly blessed for his healing presence!
Sergeant Lee Moore, USA, Viet Nam.
Moore's field promotion.
Moore, 'Standing Bear, Kituwah elder in his Bear Dance robe.
Honor Roll
All of the credit for this work goes to the following wise counsels, who personally trained, challenged, supported, and amazed me with their skills:
Richard Escajeda, MD, FCS, CAPT/MC/USN, a plastic surgeon, 2 years in the Navy's C-MED land based unit in Viet Nam, who taught me to respect patients' tissue and their souls. The best technical surgeon I have ever trained under! And a healer!
The Marine chopper Captain who made me wear his leather flight jacket over my scrubs during that winter medivac from Camp Lejeune to Chapel Hill.
Those 4 'seven foot tall' MPs that stopped that fight one night on the labor deck when I called for help!
The corpsman who installed Sear's $25 truck rear view mirrors on the big over head light in all 3 delivery rooms so the moms and dads could see their child being born. The corpsman acting on 'my orders' with previous 'tool training' from his dad, not the Navy, did a great job with the mirrors. And  everything was off the floor so moping up after the delivery was a breeze. I hope that he was as proud of his work as I am of him. [My CO had approved 'standing mirrors' which cost (from the hospital's catalogue) $175 each. This was my first 'recon'.]
All the very talented nurse anesthetists who kept my patients alive during surgery as we learned about 'she's jumping'  in the OR, first hand, right, Tom.
Bessel van der Kolk, MD,  trauma psychiatrist who honestly answered this question-'What happens to all the vets with PTSD?' with "They are in the back wards of the VA hospitals in increasing catatonic states." His truth changed my search twice, 1998 and 2008.
Tenley Zumwalt, RN (ED and trauma bay), massage therapist, who told me after I asked what to do with my sexually abused patients and their panic attacks in the O.R., "Just use a Cranio-sacral still point and they will melt like butter."  And they did.
John Upledger,DO, who developed Cranio-Sacral Massage and from whom I found the author of my favorite phrase- "Issues in the Tissues". 'Ella' Russo, gifted C/S therapist for getting my surgeon's shoulder out of pain and back into function.
Donna Eden, visually gifted healer, Energy Medicine for Women, who taught me meridian medicine and how to use energy in my hands.  And James Jealous, DO,  Alberto Villoldo- the Four Winds Society, Linda Tellington-Jones, Vincent Marmo, and Ellie Leduc, RN who are the rest of my manual energy healers teachers.
Carolyn McMakin, DC who brought Frequency Specific microcurrent back from the 1950s to start performing 'miraculous tissue healing' again. And for bringing together a group of professionals who wanted to HEAL the tissues.
To Albert Abrams, MD, Harry Van Gelder and Charles McWIlliams, ND the founding fathers of the two channeled microamperage tens unit who establish its clinical effectiveness decades ago.
     The MEND Technology professionals who are pushing Microcurrent practice and training into the 21st Century. Barbara Harris, MD who wrote the first PTSD protocol with the help of the Marine aviator, first fixed wing and rotor qualified Nam pilot. Ning WU, the very gifted design engineer who is making all of this possible with his programable Inspirstar / MEND Technology units (see MEND).
      All the veterans who had the courage to come to a          gynecologist for help with pain and trauma in their tissues.
All these truth seekers: Bart Billings, PhD, COL/USA- who developed the Annual Conference on Combat Stress near Camp Pendleton- Invisible Scars; Karl Marlantes, USMC/Viet Nam- What It Is Like To Go To War; Grospeck Parham, MD, FACOG, Oncologist- who asked me to teach at M.L. King Hospital in Compton with him and later as a fistula repair surgeon and old friend who offered me a job to come and work with him in Africa; Vincent Felitti, MD, MPH- Kaiser's ACE founder                           ; Eric Robbins, MD, FCS, gifted urologist; Barbara Brennan, MS, PhD, DTh- Hands of Light; Rosalyn Bruyere-Wheels of Light; John Money, PhD- Principles of Developmental Sexology; John Bradshaw, PhD-On The Family; Martha Stout, PhD-The Sociopath Next Door; Fitzhugh Dodson, PhD- How to Father; Judith Orloff,MD-Second Sight.
    And then there are the bio-physicists:  Nicholas Tesla, inventor of alternating current;  Valerie Hunt, PhD, UCLA- Infinite Mind, Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciuosness; Masaru Emoto, PhD- The True Power of Water; Hulda Clark, PhD, ND and O.Robert Becker, MD, FCS,(orthopedic surgeon) both cellular laboratory researchers. Becker used microcurrent to regrow a salamander's amputated leg from the stump.
TFT's Roger Callahan, PhD for starting me on the path of acupuncture based meridian point tapping and his student, Gary Craig, EFT founder and passionate healer of vets. And of course, Dawson Church, PhD, trainer-healer-writer-leader of EFTUniverse, who (in 2013) asked me the question "What can be done to make EFT stronger"?  I knew the answer then. Meanwhile he was busy doing clinical trails which have resulted in recognition of EFT's efficacy by the medical community. EFT is practiced world wide.
Harrison Jack, Col/USA, West Point graduate, Viet Nam Special Ops, chairman of the Sacramento Veterans Council who supplied my first platform to present this training and pistachios and  ginger cookies while I was writing this site.
Todd Zumwalt for all his graphics and persistent patience.
CBS's NCIS writers who never fail to keep the civilians and politicans aware of the problems that warriors and their families are dealing with daily and remind us not to forget to support their needs as they are doing the job of defending us. Go! Gibbs!
Finally, Ziva, my pure bred German Short Haired Pointer, who is always a willing 'lab dog' because she knows that I can keep her painfree and drug free from her congential hip dysplasia, scoliosis, degenerated discs and secondary spinal cord compression by running her four microcurrent programs every 8 weeks and sharing my BIO-MAT. First she has pain then it's gone- no placebo effect for her.
     If there are any short comings, it is my fault for not transmitting their wisdom effectively. Without the work of these scientists and healing professionals the cellular membrain lesion of 'ptsd' would never have been found. There are still more solutions to find. This is an ongoing recon mission.
   I am available to train you all, but I need TAD orders to go back to Camp Lejeune. Remember that it is your job to finish this work, to start healing PTSD with your own hands, faster and sooner, please, rather than later!
Request 'sitrep' with your feedback, questions, ideas at:    
                                      (marching orders)
      I have given you the tools you need to 'kill the PTSD enemy'-
your MASERs and throw in little "PEP" -Photons, Electrons- and Phonons -subatomic energy particles that travel to restore the cell's normal resting membrane potential and to the cell memory tubules and explode them into pieces and into mitochondria of the cells and re-charge their battery system.            
     Without the mitochondria making ATP energy the body will die, like Yuri almost did in space without earth's electro-magnetic flow -'heart beat'.
  Without cellular trauma memory tubules there will be no PTSD!
          Clinical trials done by 'special ops medics' and                
      combat nurses are begging to be completed so that              
    you- talented professionals can 'prove' to the DOD and VA-      
       MASERs and 'PEP's treatment effectiveness 'using                                                   your own hands'.                                               
Dedicated to:   Ken Schar, WWII veteran (Radio technician trainer PO2/USNR (E-5), fireman who drove the fire pumper truck, designer of the PAY-MOVER that pulls the big jets on the ground and lover of chocolate ice cream to this day.               (crossed over 13 Sept 2016 with USNavy Burial Honors)
    "My father gave me the greatest gift anyone
could give another person.     He believed in me."                                                                                  Jim Valvano
Ken Schar USNR WW II vet(1944)
    "Everything turns out for the best in the end.     
 If it is not the best-you have not yet reached the end."                                                      The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
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