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PTSD: Calm Down Nurse ON

COVID-19 in 2020-2021-202?

Here is the presentation of the PTSD protocol I wrote after seeing the ''1000 yard stare'' in the eyes of the ICU nurses as they came off their 12 hour shifts in inner New York City hospitals; just like the  combat Marines get!

This treats 'ACUTE' stress reactions when any Cell Danger Response has depleted your mitochondrial electrons.

Use it after a death loss, school shootings, fighting a wildfire or helping  after hurricane destruction, auto crash, rape, stress insomnia, child birth, athletic competitions, burns, arguments, beatings, being hit, verbal abuse...very long list of actions which cause CDR = mitochondrial close down after loss of electron flow.

It's not just for nurses~but anyone to is seriously stressed and has lost their electron flow of life.

PTSD-Calm Down  Nurse On:        www//               v=x11DyZ8OKoQ

This PTSD protocol is dedicated to my very strong, compassionate daughter who is an ED nurse and her colleagues!

PTSD effective protocols, please consider using them after each treatment to stabilize the energy healing changes!

     You should muscle test for using the Three Combat Go-Go's

      or the PTSD-CDR or the PTSD Calm Down Nurse On

                           to treat the trauma memories!!


Use after muscle testing or pendulum 'positive' (8-10/10): "experimental"

Our original July protocol [lung- using 323-covid RNA]  was successful in reducing symptoms within 12 hours (after muscle testing positive) for 2 ladies. Dr. Pam Mills also tested them needing to run the PTSD:Calm Down Nurse ON after each virus protocol daily. At 5-6 days both got bigger relief.


One ran for 14 days and the other is still running that July covid protocol ~she's not back to 'normal' and is not running the PTSD daily with the Covid!  [ a 'long hauler'?]


"LONG HAULERS" ~  After reading the recent computerized study -[ ] on covid which posited that Covid primarily attacks blood vessels and releases a bradykinin storm-[13 August]- my second protocol: "Covid/vessels" was written to address the blood vessels and the tissues affecting

the persistent symptoms that the "Long Haulers*"

 complain about. [* from Chris Cuomo's CNN reporting on his  and his son's CD-19 cases.] 

Please muscle test and add on that PTSD Calm Down Nurse On to treat the loss of electrons for infectious stress and restore electron flow.    Also muscle test for the uAMPS level their body needs each time before running each protocol.

Please send us feedback on your treatments and results. There is an immediate reduction of labored breathing preventing need to go to the hospital -followed by a big relief after 4-6 days of using both protocols.

"Covid-Long Haulers"



3rd Covid protocol:     Shannon Goossen at has her Covid: stomach/brain/heart protocol (192min.) which she used for her patients who had more G.I. symptoms. They noticed an immediate relief after the first protocol  run, followed by improvement after 1-5 days of protocols. She also included many supplements!

IT seems that early microcurrent treatments are able to keep people out of the hospitals. However, daily follow-up treatments are required to bring better relief.

Send Shannon and me feed back on your treatment results, please!

Please take your Vitamin D3 10,000 iu from  search.

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