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SOMA and AMSUS both provide 4 hour training sessions
   -or- Find a training at the BFA site and take it!
          Walking after each needle insertion is important!
          BFA 'needles' are really 3mm. gold 'screw-ins' studs

     Dr. Richard Niemtzow, USAF, Father of Battlefield Acupuncture, heads the training training programs since 2001.

Doctors across the services are learning to ease

service members' pain through acupuncture.

                         BFA reduces pain in 80% of patients.                                

“Ultimately, no one can extract from things

            (books included)  more than he already knows.

What one has no access to through experience,

                     one has no ear for.”

       Nietzsche FW from Ecce Homo: How One Becomes What One Is. NY & London: Penguin: 1979, p70

Viet Nam Nurses Memorial
"Duty Calls, Honor Serves" by Glenna Goodacer, photo by Bill Woods 2013
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