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     USE PEP =    Photons- Electrons- Phonons
                 ELECTRONS - MASER TAPPING
MASERs - Manual Ampified Stimulation of Electro Magnetic Radiation
A Stand Alone Treatment
Case #1:  Cranio-Sacral 'still point ' head holding by me 'melted' the patients' anxiety so much that anesthesia could easily start i.v.s in the trauma patients who were usually needlephobic. Two recovery room nurses paid to take the training course in Cranio-Sacral Therapy and used it to calm patients when male physicians were attemping pelvic exams. This was 2002 and a begining.
  I was fortunate to have studied under Dr. John Upledger, DO, OMM, Cell Talk:Talking to your Cell(f), 2003, North Atlantic Books, CA.
        Schools of Osteopathy are responsible for training  their students in Cranio-Sacral therapy. 
Photons from the fingers induce the still point effectivity.
 Research back ground:  Panic Point -outside of fist between wrist and first knuckle. This is the parasympathetic -"calming" small intestine meridian.  Also called Karate Chop in EFT and the Magic Point for the kids.
    In 2004 I was trained in all 4 levels of  Thought Field Therapy (TFT) through Roger Callahand, PhD, therapist whose acupuncturist friend taught him 8 points to use that stopped phobias resistent to talk therapy. 
   Then I found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the "second generation TFT", by Gary Craig, an engineer whose goal was to spread his very effective EFT world wide. He taught everybody, children to grandparents, college degrees NOT required. EFT did spread world wide. Dawson Church, PhD has demostrated EFT's statisical effectiveness in improving 'ptsd'/pts in active duties, their spouses, veterans, lowering the stress hormones and documentation that EFT causes trauma clearing and a prolonged improvement (by 2012).
      [There continues to be some back-lash from traditional talk therapists about the meridian energy assistance that transforms these patients. Many talk therapists, by their own professional guide lines, are not 'allowed' to touch their patients' bodies.]
    Finally I studied under Donna Eden, Energy Medicine for Women 2nd ed,; Alberto Villeajo,PhD : James Jealous, OD and Linda Tellington-Jones; all highly 'gifted' energy healers. At all of these energy training conferences presented by experts in the field there were never any other gynecologists, and rarely even a general practicianer.                 
Case #2: AURICULAR THERAPY- 'By Request'
      Chinese acupressure by both thumbs on each 'SHEN MEN' point on each ear, right next to the 'uterus point' allowed my O.R. tech to calm the patients' anxiety while freeing me to do the pelvic exam.
     I had no idea how good this was until a young lady came in requesting 'the ear thing' that her friend had told her about. Then I knew Shen Men worked well. My OR assistant used it routinuely on everyone just to help them relax (starting in 2003) during their pelvic exams.
        This is another PHOTON induced response.
      Acupuncture is taught in German, but still not in American medical schools.
 Out Patient Surgery Clinic Application:                     
      As our clinic rooms were equiped with O.R. grade puls-oximeters. I taught 8 medical assistants and 1 nurse  to hook all anxious patients up to the puls-ox and ask to hold her hand and 'tap' on her Panic Point while telling her that she was safe! They were to tap on any nervous lady until her heart rate dropped to < 100 BPM.
     The lady could hear her heart beat slow down and see the read out drop and feel her chest relax. Then they were placed on the exam table, relaxed! One of the MAs could not lower the tachycardias- she has since gone into respiratory therapy.
CASE #3: Panic Point Tapping  was successful in lowering the stress tachycardias as measured by puls-oximeter read outs (below 100 BPM) in the hands of 7 of 8 medical assistants on a daily basis. (see Tapping Figure)
TEIPAT Home Drill/Skill Practice:
       Every patient who had exhibited traumatic stress symptoms went home with a tapping figure,  a TEIPAT tapping drill instruction to learn to treat themselves and a reading list with EFT training books.  A mirror is required for the drill.
   TEIPAT = Tap Energy Into Points- Annhilate Triggers
            "TEIPATS" = Home Practice Drill/Skill
   For TEIPAT you use both your hands - your 'MASER's to inject ELECTRONS (energy) by tapping them into the meridians  and other body points that will send those electrons and photons to release the trauma. 
    Just because you do not 'see' energy particles, it does not mean they are not working. Try dragging your feet over a wool rug in winter inside a dry heated house in Chicago and touch the light switch and feel and see that spark! This spark generation technique can also be used to tease younger siblings!
      Read, The Spark in the Machine- How the Science of Acupuncture Explains the Mysteries of Western Medicine, Dr. Dan Keown, MB, Ch.B, Lic. Ac,2014.          
      Chinese have long known that electrons, photons and phonons drive the cells' energy systems (mitochondrial bodies), flow through the Qi lines, and are critical to health. 'Qi' has been applied for 5000 years for healing.
   In 1972 Nixon visited China and the
first American doctors saw acupuncture
used for pain during open heart surgery.
   No American knew how it worked and
they did not want to believe what they saw.
   Dr. Keown teaches 'QI' and 'elecQicity'
and makes it understandable for Americans.
Text that translates Chinese acupuncture system into 'English' thinking by Dr. Dan Keown

"Idiopathetic Traumas" -caused by Surgical Procedures: Cases 4 - 5 & 6

Cases # 4 & 5: FAILURES to reduce pulse rate below 100: 
          Personally, I have had 2 patients whom I could not reduce their pulse below 100. Both were 20 yo women who had had a trans-femoral retrograde intracardiac electrical ablation of an aberant heart conduction pathway in Wolff- Parkinson-White while they were eleven.
          [ I wondered if these children had been given any pre-operative amnestic sedation. These 2 young ladies clearly have medically acquired 'ptsd' for the rest of their lives.]     Unfortunately, I did not have the extra time to do full MASER tapping on either young lady. 
Case #6:      A NEEDLE PHOBIC 22 yo, without sexual abuse, needed to have an intramuscular injection of medication. I told her that I would do 'Chinese medicine' tapping to help her. After asking permission to tap her I started with the panic point sequencing and then up her chest and face points following the MASER cadances.
    The story she told me was that when she was 2 yo she had bilateral inner ear infections- not responsive to antibiotics. One day, with painful ear aches, she was taken out of her mother's arms and into the cold operating room and put to sleep. The surgeon placed tubes bilaterally. Two weeks later both tubes fell out. So they put her asleep again. This time the infection cleared, but those tubes did not naturally fall out. So six months later they took her again into that cold operating room to remove the tubes!
     [It made me wonder if that staff had ever heard of pre-operative fenatyl suckers to properly sedate the child before starting those 3 surgeries?]
    I did the MASER procedure, rapid (100/minute),
bilateral, bimanual, 26 point tapping while she talked. She never reacted to the nurse's injection. I tapped over both her deltoid muscles as soon as it was given.
      I believe that she will never have that needle phobia problem again because the next day she had a 'nausea detoxification reaction' from a massive mobilization of her trauma microtubules off her cell membranes. She was told to drink 2-3 quarts of water until the nausea stopped.
      'Detox Reactions' are seen after manual therapy.               Massage therapists expect to see that level of detoxification reaction after they have done effective manual energy therapy.  Her nausea showed me that my MASERs tapping technique is as good as a good manual therapist.
    The benefit of MASERs was that it shifted her immediate attention to her past trauma and away from her injection, her fear had already activated the memory triggering tubules and the manual energy input released the traumatic muscle memory.
       This is what good manual therapists do every day!
Case #7 MASER Treatment Effective While Under Propofol      (cortical dissociative anesthesia) with Fentanyl (a narcotic). 
     She entered the OR shaking like a leaf in a wind storm. Twenty years before she had been sexually molested. I immediately started Panic Point -> full MASER tapping. It was enough that she allowed anesthesia to start the IV. He said to her, "No one has the right to do that to any child!", before she went to sleep.
    During surgery she was tapped on her Panic Point by the OR tech. In the recovery room on puls-oximeter monitoring, I completed the full MASER tapping while she was totally UNCONSCIOUS, about 40 minutes of tapping while she slept
   With the curtain drawn around her gurney and the recovery room nurse gone  doing paper work, I used the time and did a Donna Eden (Energy Medicine for Women) chakra clearing and Alberto Villoldo (Four Winds Society) toxic cord cutting after setting the intention for her 'highest good'.  "Can't hurt, might even help!" After she became responsive and awakened, I stopped tapping.
     In the discharge station, I was giving her follow-up instructions about the effects of the MASER tapping and how she could teach her 3 kids how to get better grades in school and......but she HAD to interupt my presentation 3 times to tell me, "I'm NOT the same person who walked into your operating room!" I could easily see that as she was standing up 2-3 inches taller than when I first met her.
    As she had been the last patient of the day I had had the time to respond to her terrors. Finally I just hugged her so she knew I had heard her.  Because in reality all I was thinking about after her first interruption was, "Bring me my  MARINES!"
    This is the perfect rapid effective treatment for COMBAT STRESS. Anytime a warrior needs surgery add on the MASER tapping and the MEND microcurrent protocols directed by their medic, while they are sleeping and in recovery room. They will wake up freed of trauma triggers- the 'Go-Go' gone and their bone will be nicely pinned in place, a real 'two for'.
  MASERs directly remove the activated muscle memory triggers from the muscles and connective tissues without a 'need' to 'dialogue' with the frontal cortex. This is just like using a hand held laser to remove vaginal warts or cervical dysplasia- rapid and to the point.
Remember what any good rifleman knows.
     When the enemy is
hidding behind the boulders,
the first thing you have
     to do is get them
to stand up-
so then you can
take them out!
Before you can shot off 
the trauma triggers-
(the enemy)
Boulder are the PTSD lesion at rest where all the enemy tubules are hidding behind the cell body and out of firing range until you get them to stand up and then you can shoot them off!
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