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 Student Teacher Rapid Action Plan-STRAP

    Dedicated TO:  Parkland's Eagles- February 14, 2018

              “Be Positive! Be Passionate! Be Proud to be an Eagle! __ And Be prepared!!”

    Nationwide the schools’ plans consist of:

 1] sending the survivors home with their parents and the injured to the hospitals.

2]  School is dismissed for a time to allow grieving and recovering from “the shock”.

3]  Students are encouraged to seek psychological (usually CBT-“talk therapy”).

4]  Forgetting about everything that happened.

5]  NOT doing anything to STOP another attack as they have not stopped.


There are big problems with that plan:

1] ‘talk therapy’ is NOT effective in treating shock, that state where the body from the fear is reset into an autonomic nervous system hyperarousal state highly resistant to talk;

2] psychological counseling,(very good for family therapy), costs money, is delayed, and requires transportation to a distant clinic;

3]the best time to treat and eliminate that shock state is immediately while they still feel ‘wired’.

     In truth the absolute best time to treat is DURING the assault. And the very best tools are finger tapping on the body’s meridian system. This photon wave energy goes to the cells mitochondria and restarts the production of ATP (energy) and switches the body into the parasympathetic “rest and digest mode” and removes the fear trauma signaling memory from the cell mem'brains'. 

     Teaching the STRAP program in all your schools prepares  the teachers, faculty and most of all- the students how to protect themselves  and others against emotional devastation of a lethal life attack by just using your fingers to tap in life saving energy.

Resolving Yesterday from is the training book which describes their African villagers rescue by training the villagers to be able to heal their own traumas.

The first is for city traumas and the second is for war/combat traumas.

Mass Shootings' Plan after Parkland Douglas

These kids all need PTSD-CDR or the BAUD and meridian tapping -

RIGHT AWAY -before going home!!!

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