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  MASERs Training Video                                                                           (27 minutes)

  'MASER Training' at the 9th Annual Microcurrent Conference for Microcurrent Professionals, 3rd place prize winning presentation with Gary Gordon, MD as the Marine Gunny with Go-Go Combat Stress-PTSD. (All Rights Reserved)    10 Oct 2015
        VIDEO REVIEW:                                                May 2016
     1]   Although I warned the cinematographer that I would be moving around, he was only used to filming presentors who attach themselves to the podium. You need to be able to copy the rhythm of my tapping, alternating left to right side and the smooth fast rate by seeing it done.
"See one! Do one!Teach one!" Cook County Hospital Surgery Dept, Chicago
     2]   In the middle of one of the cadences I was tapping, if you noticed, I forgot the words (my Broca center was closed down, couldn't talk). Don't worry the words will come back to you and tap on! Just keep holding your intention "for his highest good" to cure your patient.
      [When I am operating on any tissue my muscles do the work and I do not talk as I am focusing on feeling the tissues response to my  muscles as they move the instruments.]
     3]  While tapping on the 'Gunny', I was treating  'Private Dr. Gordon' for his 'latent' PTSD,  held in his cells by inactive trauma triggers. He activated them by thinking about all the sensory data associated with his issue. It started out as a 8/10. After we were done treating the "Gunny's" problem, I had to shake his wrists to 'wake him up'. His issue had dropped to 2/10. The next morning his issue was 0/10 and three months later had held at 0/10.
This is the power of epigenetic energy medicine, not magic.

 'Manually Ampified Stimulation of Electromagnetic Radiation'

MASERS is bilateral, bimanual, 28 meridian point tapping by a military health professional or a trained active duty person.

       It is 'military grade' Emotional Freedom Technique.

[EFT- using only 9-13 self tapping points, has been shown by Dawson Church, PhD to be 'clinically effective'  therapy for PTSD by CAPS score reduction. *EFT requires a set-up phrase to 'activate' the fear memory tubules into the treatable stand up position.]

      In the acute 'Go-Go' all the cells memory tubules are already

standing up and ready to be shot off. The MASERs tapping work s directly on them.   Practice this drill until it is embedded your muscle memory- so you can do it with your eyes closed.

    I have used MASERs is a stand alone 'rescue' treatment  for panic attacks in outpatient surgery units since 2006. It works faster and better that trying to use anxiolytic 'drugs'.

   It will generate a 'detox' reaction: fatigue, headaches, nausea that clear by drinking lots of water and taking antioxidants like (Emer'gen-C). Good massage therapists also generate a 'detox' when they free the trauma off the tissues. "Detox" is a sign that you got results- the fear has be knocked off the traumatized cells.

       The best part of MASERS is that I always carry mine with me to use in any emergency!    So will you!

Conference Hand Outs for MASER Tapping Drill
 You may copy and distribute this copyrighted material for training purposes. After 90 days of tapping sequence practice your hands will know what to do.
See 'TEIPAT' drill and Tapping figure.

   'PTSD' is locked on the muscle cells' outer membrane in these data storage tubules.

  Just shoot electrons from your hands or batteries into the fear activated tubules to rapidly destroy them. The ENEMY is gone!

This is an early electron microscope view of a traumatized cell with 'hairy trauma microtubules' attached to its outer membrain- this is the lesion of PTSD.            (from Aberts, Molecular Biology                   of the Cell, 1989) I found it in Oschman's Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance, 2006, p274 with permission
White paper for 'MASERS Training..' in Proceedings of the 9th Annual Microcurrent Conference with references. [download]
      When I was at the May 2016 SOMA meeting in Charlotte, NC, I not  only met lots of great medics and heard their stories, but also went to my first Mess Night under President Steve Viola, MCPO, USN Seal. (since 1976 at Camp Lejeune). 

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      The treatment of trauma is evolving. As we learn more bio-physics techniques, more solutions will    become available.                                                                             copyrighted: 28 June 2016                         

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