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    PHOTONS:   Let's See!  PEP

        IRLEN METHOD: Concussive Headaches L1

        PHOTON- Light Therapy L4


        MIRROR BOX THERAPY from England L3-4


        UVLrx Blood Treatment System L4

        (Photons are one of three sub-atomic particles that heal)

PEP Pulverize PTSD!

PEP = Photons Electrons Phonons

PEP- are subatomic energy particles / waves


PEP- travel in the fascia chakra meridian system

PEP- work at the speed of light or sound

PEP- destroy active PTSD memory microtubules

PEP- heal the cell membranes and mitochondria

             Mitochondria make the ATP energy                                        necessary for LIFE.

      Without ATP your body dies in 15 seconds.

 PHOTONS  Light frequency wave lengths enter the retina directly, the meridians and the skin surface to effect healing.
   Syntonics, the use of colored light through the eyes has other therapeutic effectiveness in addition to the white light exposure for Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) and  'Bili-Lights' for premature infant jaundice.
    These three light based therapies deserve some serious attention as they seem to be able to 'correct ' and re-wire  traumatized brain circuitry as well as healing the brain and the liver.
   PHOTONs (light particles/waves) travel through the meridians at the speed of light- 186,272.4 miles /second
Warning sleeping on these mats may become addictive! 
   The 'Irlen Method'   
treats the photosensivity which can be the cause of TBI headaches seen in combat blast concussive head injuries. Wearing specific light filtering lenses for your eyes, 24/7, may be able to clear those TBI headaches by removing the exact light wave that generates the pain. Orginally developed to easily treat kids with learning disabilities, autisum and ADHD, Helen Irlen found that it helped demolition experts who had been exposed to multiple bomb blasts with their severe headaches, all for the cost of 'sun glasses'!  There are 170 clinics in CONUS and another 46 world wide. On her web site read the references on light sensitivity and headaches also.
  Many optometrists do not understand
that Irlen's glasses filter the color frequency of the light and do NOTHING with  their refracting the lens which they do to improve visual acuity. Irlen changes the light color frequency that strikes the optic cortex not the light that goes though the lens. Their refracted lens can be tinted to filter out the offensive light frequency color Irlen prescribes. The assessment session takes 3-4 hours and you leave with 'corrective filtering' sun glasses and no headaches.

Irlen Method glasses stop blast injury headaches

       BLAST INJURIES (from a sound- energy pressure wave) have been found to have different brain injury (microscopic lesion) than brain trauma concussions (direct impact on the skull) or warriors with  'ptsd' symptoms.        

   "For all his mental confusion, Matthews, (US Army Ranger) told me that he thinks he can now distinguish between the emotional wounds he suffered — the survivor’s guilt, the bad dreams and night terrors — and the more concrete cognitive problems that he traces to his blast exposure.
A number of Special Operations soldiers said the same thing.
   They also said it makes a big difference to be told they have a physical wound rather than a mental one, even if it is incurable ('so far!' * my injection)."
                     Robert Worth, NPR, 10 June 2016
    The Sensory Learning Institute's   primary goal was helping children with autism, learning disabilities, birth trauma, ADD/ADHD, acquired brain injury, Asperger's syndrome, developmental delays and brain trauma by reintegrating the visual, auditory, and vestibular (balance from the inner ear) sensory inputs. This is done in 30 days with the first 12 days twice daily light and sound sessions on the balance table and the last 18 days at home with a light box. The children showed ~90% improvement.
    Last year they started to treat an adult who was a 'premature' infant and then had a serious car crash and got TBI. She said that her treatment 'gave back her brain'. Not all of her other sensory corrections 'held', but she is not in chronic pain after one years time.
        Mary Bolles blended light, sound and balance therapies to successfully treat her son with ADHD. He became a lawyer. They have clinics in several states besides Colorado. See their web site.
   MIRROR BOX THERAPY can be used for many condition’s including : Stroke Rehabilitation, Phantom Limb Pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, RSD, Limb Rehabilitation, Neuropathic Pain.      
      Developed by V.S. Ramachandran, MD, PhD, a British  neurobiologist who found that placing the good foot in front of a mirror and the 'bad' or missing foot behind the mirror and looking at the foot while moving it "re-wired" the pain circuits so the pain vanished. 
   If you have any of those problems, consult the Mirror Box Therapy site with clinical references and training videos.
  The doctor who developed the  'PTSD' microcurrent protocol has seen the mirror in action. I have no experience using it. This is from England.
                                                                             May 05, 2016 
      Dr. Mercola has written an article on the importance of blocking blue wave length light from your retina by dusk to improve your sleep. He says that using red and amber light helps make more melantonin- your sleep hormone.
   He found Uvex amber lens plastic glasses (S1933x) from Amazon for < $10 which he is now wearing from dusk to dawn.
    Although I have NO problems with sleep, it is a HUGE issue for combat vets with 'ptsd'.
     I found a hand-me-down amber lensed ski google with soft foam edges for my sleep experiment. It stayed in place and did not hurt my facial bones.
 Vets, let me know if amber light filtering helps you sleep!
Ultra Violet Light Treatment System (in clinical trials now)
   "For over 80 years, ultraviolet light blood irradiation (UBI) has been used worldwide to treat various (infectious) diseases. In the 1930’s, Knott’s Hemo-Irradiator was FDA approved and in clinical use in the United States and abroad. A second FDA approved UBI device has been proven safe and effective for over 20 years for a wide variety of disorders, including some forms of cancer. Both of these devices use the transfusion method, which involve removing donor blood, irradiating it with ultraviolet light, then transfusing it back into the patient. 
      The UVLrx Treatment System is the first and only medical device to administer light therapy intravenously (through the IV catheter tip) thereby avoiding the limitations of extracorporeal blood treatment and reinfusion.  Employing this therapy, a physician can treat 100% of a patient's blood without introducing anticoagulants.  Utilizing a standard IV catheter to access the vascular system, the UVLrx Treatment System can be integrated into the standard of care and workflow for a variety of indications and confitions in ICU, PACU and Emergent Care. During the 60 minute treatment cycle, the system administers the light energy without manual intervention."
Three results: 1) Pathogens Deactivation
                         2) Enhanced ATP Synthesis
                                and Immune Modulation
                         3) Red Blood Cell Support
                               and Improved Oxygen Delivery
      This reference is directed to all the ED nurses
who could start running UVLrx as
soon as the blood cultures were
drawn from the septic patient.
There is not yet a problem with
any 'super-bugs' resisting UV light.
     Treatment time is 60 minutes.
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