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MASTER GUIDE: MASERs Drill Skill Training
 Outlines the basic seven steps for rapid reference.

   MASTER DRILL/SKILL TRAINING SHEET                                                                      

TRAINING: Treatment of the GO-GO Combat Stress [Stimulus Triggered- Muscle Based-Hyper-Sympathetic PTSD Flashback] Reaction in 56 minutes.


SUPPLIES: 1] 3 PRE-PROGRAMED MICROCURRENT UNITS: ‘Muscle Go-Go Scar’, ‘Betrayal Go-Go’, and the ‘Concussion Go-Go’ protocols were programed into the units. All 3 units applied wrist to wrist with microamperage set at 400 uAMPS but running at a ‘sub-buzz’ level. Chart the frequency leveled when he does not feel the current- his ‘sub buzz’. Many will be running at a full 400UAmps.

   2] Maser Certified Meridian Tapper*.  MASER = manual amplified stimulated electro-magnetic radiation.

   3] Anti-oxidants and filtered water and consider a detoxification protocol.

   4] Obtain blood pressure, pulse and PO2 if reasonable.

MASER Meridian Tactical Tapping [including Navy Seal BOX BREATHING technique]:

PART ONE: Initial set

   1] Ground yourself. Set your intention as “The Highest Good for the patient!”

   2] Ask: “May I hold your hand?” “May I tap on it here?” [‘panic point’ =(parasympathetic) small intestine 3-4-5].   “This is Chinese medicine. It will help calm you down and slow your heart rate.”

   3] Tap with 3 fingers bilateral on all hand points (10). Chanting; 'You are SAFE! STRONG! and SMART!’

   4] “May I tap on your chest?” Tap on the spleen, liver [except on females with breasts] and kidney points while chanting in a ‘commanding voice’, “You are SAFE, SMART and STRONG!” 4-6 points.

   5] “May I tap on your face points now?” Tap on the 10-12 face points: upper and lower lip, side of eyes, over both parietal bones, under eyes, at the eyebrows, center of forehead, top of the skull, outsides of mouth; while chanting “You are SAFE, SMART and STRONG!”


                                                           -> HOLD

                                                       IN               OUT

                                                            HOLD <-

    6] Tap down to the panic points on both hands and do the Navy Seal ‘Box Breathing’: Inhale deeply over the count of 8-12; hold the breath for 8-12; then exhale profoundly for 8-12; then hold that exhale for 8-12 count. Repeat three times [This breathing re-regulates the autonomic nervous system to slow the tachycardia. It is also called ‘tactical breathing’.]

   This is the basic Tap-Chant sequence.  This is the basic ‘BOX BREATHING’:

PART TWO: Orientation to Place, Date, Year

     1] Tap and chant the date, month year and location into all points starting with the panic point in the hands.

    2] Tap up and down. Repeat the ‘BOX BREATHING’ times 3.

PART THREE: Clear the “Thousand Yard Stare” from the frozen eye muscles.  

    1] While tapping with 3 fingers over the upper sternum [kidney-heart chakra] ask him to follow your fingers with his eyes. Chant ‘You are SAFE, SMART and STRONG!'; while you trace a lazy eight around his eyes.                                         

Make sure that he is tracking your fingers- slow down if necessary. Stop over the nose and move your fingers very far away over your shoulder and back 2 times. Reverse the direction of the figure of eight. Then switch to a full circle and at 1200 hours rapidly drop your fingers down to 0600 hrs. Reverse the circle direction and after several rotations drop down from noon. Make sure that you ‘’stretch out’’ his eye muscles in all directions. Watch for any fluttering of the eye. If you find any tap on the outer rim of the bony eye socket the ‘SAFE’ chant still in a field command voice. Retrace/ re-tap to remove any abnormal ‘eye wiggles’.

    2] Repeat ‘BOX BREATHING’ with him while you try to tap on his upper thumb nails [the lung meridian points-see tapping figure]

PART FOUR: Telling His Story-

   [During this tapping sequence with his eyes closed, you should ask him if he knows what his ‘Trigger’ is. He also may be able to describe his traumatic event for the very first time.] Repeat the tapping sequence using the “YOU are SAFE, SMART and STRONG!!” Just keep tapping up and down as he talks. Watch how he is reacting. He may slump to a side, so catch him! Chant the safe-smart-strong quietly, with highest intent, as he talks. Pay attention to his energy level to see if you can ‘sense ‘that he is relaxing. If he is ‘calmer’ switch to part five; if not repeat part four as needed. End with the BOX BREATHING.

PART FIVE: Repeat the tapping sequence while chanting with a supportive voice:

   "YOU are LOVED, NURTURED, PROTECED, EMPOWERED, FORGIVEN and HEALED!” Eyes may be closed now. Repeat BOX BREATHING three times.

PART SIX: Then ‘’if the patient is calmer’’ tap and chant:

     [WHILE YOU ARE SMILING] “YOU are SAFE, STRONG, SMART and SMILING!” Keep smiling as you work up the tapping points to the face where you really need to smile!! Patient may just smile back at you!! He should have lowered his B/P and heart rate and anxiety by then. Then you may run the long PTSD A & B protocols which might put him to sleep.

PART SEVEN: After care: He should start hydrating with clean water [1 gallon/day], taking green anti-oxidants, and appropriate detoxification. He might be placed on light duty for 2 days and then seen for follow up in 3 days with more FTM/FSM/ MEND protocols for injury pain and any other trauma focus.

          [Effectiveness of bimanual MASER therapy alone: Using Maser Technique only (in a clinic where I did not have the microcurrent units) I was able to tap an Army bazooka thrower [3 tours of combat OIF] out of a GO-GO reaction with a blood pressure 195/135 [on his meds from the VA] down to blood pressure of 135/87 in less than 12-15 minutes. And he smiled!]

Summary:       There are 5 known outcomes of the GO-GO Combat Stress reaction:          Their “muscles” 1) GO out and kill someone, 2) GO out and commit suicide, 3) GO down to the bar get drunk, fight and tear the bar apart, go to jail, 4) Go out into the woods to hide for 2 days or 25 years, or 5) Go to the hospital where they are given a huge dose of Thorazine and placed in lock down for 48 hours or for as long as it takes to have the hyperarousal reaction wear off. 

   I am reporting the sixth outcome: 6) “Feed me, Feed me, I’m starving to death” using MASERS and Microcurrent in 56 minutes.   


    MASER therapy is easily learnt by any medic, combat corpsman, Special Forces medic (SOP), USN Seal, USAF para-rescue jumper (PJ), US Marine Gunny Sgt. or military combat nurse who could step in and easily treat the GO-GO stress reaction before any collateral damage occurs.  

                                  []                            © September  2015


     Respectfully submitted: Terry Zumwalt, MD, FACOG, CDR/MC/USNR(fmr)                                                                                                            

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