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Training Videos- # 1: Rapid Treatment of the

        Go-Go Combat Stress Reaction-PTSD 

Using military grade meridian tapping and MEND Microcurrent units(3)

for practitioners at the  9th Microcurrent Conf- October 2015

    Terry Zumwalt, MD, FACOG, ODS veteran/CDR/USNR

The Three GO-GO Combat Stress Protocols

PRACTICE Daily for 90 Days

   Develops your muscle memory skills!

Take those skills with you where ever you go!

  The Three "Go-Go" Combat  Stress RXs(400uAmp)

                                                               DOWNLOAD HERE

All three are run left to right wrist during a serious hypersympathetic flashback  to knock off the trauma memory with the help of MASERs meridian tapping. 

This sends in 72,000 uAmp/minutes of electrons and one hour of tapping photon waves into the meridians.

(Requires three MEND units)

Dr. Pam Mills muscle tested that these three are wanted for many traumas (especially the Muscle Go-Go)

and can replace the PTSD (CDR acutely).  

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