'USAF Pararescue Tribute'  by Bulletallica, on 20 June 2013
                      Song:   'Send Me' by Max Impact- USAF Stage Band
  For entertainment purposes only, rights to photos and song belong to their respected owners. The pictures were put together just to be viewed in this slideshow.      CONTAINS SOME COMBAT BLOODY SCENES



Medics, Field Corpsmen, Combat RNs, RNPs, PAs, PTs,  Air Force Para-rescue Jumpers, Special Ops Medics, USN Seals, and deployed National Guard and the Reserves!


  WW II Surgery

WW II Flying Home from Italy

You did your very best to fix them up and send them back alive!
But you had no way to heal that COMBAT STRESS reaction that would continue to torment them inside their bodies for years!

Korean War Medic

Viet Nam Field Medic- 'Doc'

By your nature and your disciplined training you already know how to use your hands to treat bodies. 
To heal their Combat Stress reactions you simply train your hands to use MASERs- military grade meridian tapping.
At the same time attach MEND microcurrent units to send in  healing electrons from their batteries. These MEND units have 'standardized' trauma treatment protocols.
Don't have MEND units- just use your hands- MASERS!
This treatment is most effective right in the middle of the acute 'ptsd' reaction- in the storm- when things are 'bad'

Air Force Para-rescue Jumpers Drill- 'PJ's

This RESCUE procedure uses exactly the same principle as when you combine both your hands and the AED batteries to save the cardiac muscle mitochondria during CPR (100 pushes/ minute). 
You pump in electrons both manually and from the Microcurrent batteries to regulate and re-energize the
 cell membranes and muscle cells' mitochondriae and save a life!

Camp Lejeune Field Corpsmen Drill

You are the very best clinicians to treat vets as you are with them in the ‘eye of their storm’.
As their 'brothers' and 'sisters', you know them the best! 
This will be very easy for you to learn to do.

U S Navy Seals working at night

YOU  have remarkable manual life saving skills!
Learning to use simple tapping on meridian points from ancient Chinese medicine  will be very easy for you.
The positive physiological results from using just  your hands alone will amaze you, as it did to me.
Acupressure meridian tapping, "EFT" & "TFT" in civilian and the Army active duty, has already been shown to be clinically effective!
And there are no contra-indications to its use.
Four year old kids have learned to use EFT.
The best part is once learned- you carry these skills around
with you for any new emergency, any time, for life!
[​In July 2016 the VA head of alternative medicine is trying to decide IF he should "allow" EFT to be used in the VA.?
In 2007 Gary Craig had already used EFT at a San Francisco Bay VA hospital with strong positive results for PTSD! ]

Military Dog with Handler   (see Soldier Dogs, Goodavage p.223)

Study Supplies Needed:
1- Three ringed notebook- 1 inch thick
2- Thirty- heavy weight, three ringed sheet protectors
3- Print out in color if possible:
*RapidTreatment of the GO-GO Combat
Stress (PTSD) using MASERs & FSM/FTM
Microcurrent Medics Training Manual (24p),
*MASERs case report 'white paper'(10p),
*MASERs Drill Skill guide(4p),
*TEIPAT Home Drill guide(2p),
and the *eight chart hand outs.
4- REI's French coffee press- 
      32 oz green steel sided-
  which "can be used as a weapon"
      (quote from OIF marine).
  Which is why I bought mine.

The Marines Prayer - with honor and respect!

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      The treatment of trauma is evolving. As we learn more bio-physics techniques, more solutions will    become available.                                                                             copyrighted: 28 June 2016                         

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