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                 'DISCHARGE SEEN IN NATURE'  (1982 & 1995)
                      TRE: Shake It Off Naturally -Alex Greene, LMT

       'TRE' = "Trauma Release Experience" = Shaking it off!

                       Results:    US Navy Seal
                                         UK Marine Helicopter Pilot 

         'TRE'  listed by DOD and DCOE as a level III modality

          'TRE' allows vets to heal their own trauma

The powerful shaking of the polar bear removes traumatic memory at he end of the crisis for permanently
 Education:   Mr. Polar Bear, as an alpha mammalian species, does not get 'PTSD'-ever!   He knows how to normally discharge the energy of trauma.
Shaking is normal and necessary to keep the 'FEAR'     from freezing in place.
You MUST see him in action!
Watch below!
('An Ice Bear in Play', by Katchris, 27 Jan 2013, #12523330 
 National Geographic Video Special:
                   POLAR BEAR ALERT 
                                    [I.S.B.N. 0-7922-1060-3  1982 & 1995],  'Seroca'
Dr. Bob Scaer, neurologist gave me a copy of Peter Levine's polar bear trauma release video after I met him. Peter Levine, PhD has spent his life treating traumatized children And teaching their parents how to train their kids on how they can release their own trauma immedicately so it does not get stuck inside.
   "Flight Fight Freeze in a Polar Bear - Thawing of the Freeze Response. This is the video often referred to by Levine when he describes the importance of discharging traumatic pent-up energy: The key to understanding his 'Somatic Experience' treatment model is that these movements that the bear made are exhibiting his body’s natural ability to complete the motor action plan that was in place before he got attacked.
   The completion of his defensive responses of running away, as he lay on his back later as the anesthesia wore off, allowed his muscle system to reach the original peak in his arousal cycle that then would lead him to the deactivation of the remaining survival energy. He 'burnt up' all the remaining energy. His legs were moving and engaging all the muscles that are used for running, his breathing was increasing as if he was in the moment of his chase and his adrenaline was pumping.  
    Please notice the rapid eye motion during parts of the shaking discharge (not really a nerve based 'seizure', but a muscle based shaking). His eyes were looking in both lateral directions. All his responses reached a peak in their arousal cycle that allowed the energy to come back down. This 'discharge of energy' is what wild animals are able to do organically, that we have somehow forgotten how to do, thus we develop the 'frozen'  post-traumatic stress disorders."    
   Native American warriors did the same during their 'war dance' after returning from combat. They re-enacted out what they physically had done with their bodies during battle while they were dancing around the fire to the drum beat and the village was there singing with them. The Chiefs taught their young braves to shake off the ptsd and never bring it back to the village. This survival skill was a healthy part of the original  Native American Medicine.  
     I was also taught that some of the African deer, after the herd was chased by the lions, dropped into a freeze on the ground. The deer that did their shake dance when they got up survived. The deer that got up and did no shaking became the next meal- according to the African hunter/warriors.
   The deer who did not shake off the trauma lost their resilience just as the army warriors of Charlie company did, as documented by the Army, after each deployment. All the soldiers' measured resiliency scores keep dropping, tour after tour because they were never trained to shed their combat trauma as soon as they were exposed to it..
  CLINICAL APPLICATION:  As soon as I saw Levine's bear shaking video I took the concept into the clinic and started teaching the very young teenagers whom I had to do pelvic exams on to go into the bathroom afterwards and 'shake' all that 'yucky' jelly, wierd sensations, pain, and embarassment out of their vaginas! Stop it before it starts!                                                    (2007)
    I have no idea if they did 'shake it out', but they all got a grin on their faces as they watched their gynecologist teaching them how to do the 'Shake-Shake-Shake, Shake your Booty! dance'. That is what I call being 'pro-active'.
    Thank you, KC & the Sunshine Band for all the good your music does! Thank all you M.L. King Hospital nurses who taught me how to do a 'proper' booty shake! Bless!
     Now here are the Korean Line Dance Association with their award winning performance.
Korean Line Dance Association performs the Soul SHAKE 
   choreography: Bill Anderson on April 2019
     Here is more professional  muscle activated  trauma shaking relief from around the globe- TRE.

TRE emerged as a fast, cost-contained, low tech, easily taught muscle excercises for health and wellness for acute trauma, chronic stress relief, and sleep restoration.

  Listen as Alex Greene, LMT  introduces the basic concepts of the TRE® Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises method developed by David Berceli's from his missionary work with trauma survivors around the world.

    Alex, a body worker  will take you through the simple muscle exercises that stimulates the healing body shake response.  Military, civilian, children and adults can learn the skill of  shaking back to a healthy life. It is easier than learning to ride a bike. This shaking stuff is really fun!!

The night mares are released and a smile returns! Think about all the school children who were traumatized by shootings who can now get better! ... Nov 7, 2016






  TRE rapidly clears PTSD memory from the dust of      IED explosion, loudly out of the USN Seal's lungs! 

      Royal Marines Combat Helicopter pilot gratefully releases eight years of trauma

that was held in his diaphram using the

TRE shaking excercises.

LEVEL 4: ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY: Everytime a dog shakes, his SEROTONIN level ('happy' neuro-transmitter) does up.

         TRE- Tension, Stress, Trauma Release:

The DOD and DCOE listsTRE as a level III modality.

TRE- is being used world wide as a form of group 'muscle therapy' for war, poverty, and personal life traumas. Clinical studies are underway already.
TRE- Trauma Release Experience is copyrighted by the
    (This can be seen on 
      An EFT therapist first told me about Berceli's TRE-shaking release procedure. Recently I found his impressive teaching videos. Shaking is Healing!!
       Look at that vet's "EFT" shaking release below.  
Zeek, a friend of ours, a 70 lb lab-pit bull cross's muscles        shake just like you see in the video's dogs shakes.
Ziva does yoga stretches moving out of her bed and crate followed by a short head to tail 'shake it off'(60sec) at least 4-6 times daily.

 TRE- Special Ops Medic Kip teaches veterans to heal veterans. Here is a fine solution to all trauma.          Listen to the vets speak for themselves!

The Revolutionary Trauma Process  rapidly and permanently releases  panic & hypersympathetic reactions  that have been FROZEN  -

 stuck in your "muscle memory"!

Reading Berceli's missionary work will be able to save your life or that of your warrior brother.             Simply, just read it and then do it!
                      ATTENTION ALL!
     TRE exercises really belong in Boot Camp- being taught by the DIs, the muscle training experts, at Paris Island-(what is the implementation delay?)! Go! Gunnies!
      Why is it not in BUDS and 75th Ranger training?  
  TRE is already approved as a 3rd level therapy by DOD!
     Learn these excercises from a certified TRE trainer who understands the muscle system. The trainer I found near by Bremerton Navy Hospital is a retired fireman who had gotten PTSD from fighting fires. He knows things.
   (see for local trainers)
    Learn TRE as soon as you can AND use them daily until you feel your PTSD clearing!
    And then make them part of your regular PTs
 And then tell your buddies.
   You can all go as a team for TRE training!  
      You do NOT need your prosthesis on to do these              exercises in bed in the middle of the night !!!
Finally, that USN Seal said TRE gave him his sleep back!
 "Daddy, I' not cold! I'm just shaking!" said    Savannah after she killed her first buck!  
 (a normal mammalian muscle tension release reaction)
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