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       Far Infra Red Mats = FIRM*

                    (wave length 800nm-1mm)

                    My Discovery Pathway  2007 - 2014

                   Case report #1: Gunny's Magnificent Detox 2014

                   Case report #2: Fibromyalgia Pain  2014  

           Healthy Line Mats- Jade/Tourmaline 2016 -17

          The BIO-MAT   2014-18

            Ziva in her BIO-MAT, night and day

         Dr. Sircus's "Light and Heat" 2013


 Far Infrared Wavelength-                                     My Discovery Pathway  
On earth and in space, infrared increases cellular ATP production, I learned that in a research lab in 2007 after holding the far infrared (FIR) beam on my palm for ~5minutes. The next day I was very pleasantly 'wired' for several days.
    In Feb. 2014 it was a dentist who told me how his wife, who because of her 'bad' back pain, had sat on a jade infrared mat for 45 mins. each night. At 6 months 85% of her back pain was gone- and her B/P which had been 170/100 on 2 meds had dropped to 90/60 on no meds. In May 2014 I became my own lab rat and started sleeping on jade. Then I found the BIO-MAT -amethyst , 'medicial device', $670, EMF protected and my dog got the jade-tourmaline one. [The FIR mats because they supplied warmth were an improvement to the Earthing Pad we were using for negative ions].
     Then I asked a group of 'gifted' experienced massage therapists to clinically evaluate 3 different FIR pads by the way they 'felt' to their hands. They all 'loved' the BIO-MAT (amethyst) and liked the way the jade felt. [I returned the third one]. Both pads run for at least 8 hrs and had negative ion function -electron donors. Patients and friends who used them found pain relief. But then 40% of the jade mat control systems failed. That company refunded my money twice for 2 different pads and exchanged a new controler but I can't recommend them with confidence. I am not sure that they even sell that mat any longer.
    As an old ODS vet, I knew how much better my body felt after sleeping FIRM after just 6 months.  My blood pressure dropped to what it had been when I was 30 and my deep left acetabulum pain from standing at the operating table for 39 years went away.       
   My short haired pointer and myself prefer to test all our devices before recommending them to anyone. Meanwhile, Ziva choses to spend at least 4-8 hours/day sleeping on 'her' BIO-MAT for her back/hip/shoulder pain from her hip dysplasia, congential sciolosis and a raccoon fight. FIRM, Costco's Collagen I,II,III and occasional Microcurrent treatment protocols keep her free from pain, limping, and 'Rimadyl Chews'. [Rimadyl is the veterinarian's favorite pain pill that can cause deadly liver toxicity.] 
                 Ziva and I will not be without our BIO-MAT!
   These FIR mats replace your drug store heating pads and electric heating blankets both which expose your body to harmfull EMF!
   These mats can also be used for a FIRM 'sweat detox' at home with hydration, antioxidents and mineral replacement. You gathered toxins during your time in service that are better out of your body. You must learn to detoxify with your FIR mat safely, hydration, magnesium -see:
Far Infra Red Mat Case Report: Combat Sweat Detox 
FIRM Case Report #1: Marine Gunny with 9 years of combat being treated for multiple joint pain from combat injuries and a resolved major PTSD reaction was given a jade FIR mat to sleep on.  My goal was to reduce inflammation, pain by donating negative ions and far infra red photon healing energy. 
      He decided to use Dr. Yoshimizu's [from Japan] 50 minute sweat protocol at 158 degrees daily with hydration, suppliments and a paleo-fish diet to induce detoxification of the poisons in his body. He slept in white cotton tee-shirts on the jade FIR mat covered with a thick bath towel to adsorb the sweat. Follow Dr. Y's protocol!
     Then he complained  to me that one of his shirts had turned golden yellow, another was gray metallic. Neither pigment would wash out. He also was able to pick 'crystals' out of his skin surface. These crystals burnt like a candle flame when held to a match. He did this sweat nightly, for only 50 minutes as described, using his jade mat (that was still working). He turned the heat down to low for the rest of the night.

Far Infra Red (FIR) Case Report: Fibro-myalgia Pain  

FIRM Case report #2:   A lady with chronic fibro-myalgia (pain in her muscles and fascia) wanted help for her childhood trauma and her bodily pains. Treating her with multiple MEND/FSM microcurrent protocols significantly reduced her pain by the end of each session. When she started using the EARTHING pad on her lower back at work she was able to take a stroll at lunch time. However, we were not getting the Microcurrent treatments to 'hold' (massage therapists term meaning that their treatment reduced the pain and KEPT it away.) for longer than 3-6 days. She wanted to try the jade pad. She started out slowly on the lowest heat for an hour at night and then she quickly switched to overnight use.
    The combination of all three different frequency donators was able to reduce her pain level to unheard of lows and 'hold' her at those levels. It seemed almost 'miraculous' to her to have such low pain levels for the first time that she could remember without using pain drugs. She was taking magnesium, iodine, selenium, vitamin D3 and USP thyroid.
Jade FIR Mats: a practical solution for pain and detox 
   I want every military combatant to be discharged with his own FIR mat for pain reduction, wound healing and  sleep!        So I started looking for  a jade-tourmaline FIR mat  (with negative ions) under $400 in 2014. 
    Recently, I found a HEALTHY LINE jade and tourmaline FIR long mat (24" X 72") for $400 at Amazon. It has flat stones and heats well. The 72" length keeps my feet warm. The controller runs for up to12 hours. This seems to be a reseasonably priced jade -tourmaline (for negative ions) that performs well so far. I sleep at '36','37' ,'38', '39', below '40', but this mat can go up to 70 celsius for a true sweat detox. Read the Gunny's detox experience above! You must cover the stones surface with a very thick cotton terry cloth extra long bath towel to absorb any sweat toxins and to soften the firm stone surfaces. Get 2 towels, one to use while the other is in the wash.
      This one has become my combat grade Jade-Tourmaline FIR Mat  recommendation to the DOD and VA and YOU!. 
Ms. Jade @ has a military discount of 10%  and 'free shipping' when you use this code: tz10s.     SO simply helpful!  (888) 774-4422 -NYC.

"Amazon's Product Description:

Healing mats are frequently used

these days, but this deep

penetrating heat therapy pad by

Healthy Line is way ahead of other

varieties in the market when it

comes to both quality and

effectiveness. They are made

using some of the finest jade and tourmaline stones.Their combination is excellent and does a great job of healing!  The mat uses advanced Far-infrared (FIR) technology in the form of energy waves that seep through the 9 layers and start the remedial process.

      Product features include: adjustable control modes on a led display as per your comfort level. If you feel the mat is too warm simply turn down the temperature. Heat generated with FIR is completely harmless, penetrates deeper into tissues, muscles, and bones to improve blood circulation, strengthens immune system, relieves stress, flushes out toxic elements, and much more.

       It has an extremely high level output of negative ions more than 700 on jade and over 1500 on tourmaline. These molecules act as a catalyst for biochemical reactions in the body that impact functionality, boost metabolism in the cells, counteract free radicals, and improve overall physical health.

     Using jade stone has a specific purpose it absorbs heat naturally, possesses strong healing properties and release FIR if other heat mediums are passed through it, which is why it is effective during maximum heat transfer and penetration.

      You will feel healthier in mind, body, and spirit! Crushed & grinded tourmaline is abundant in negative ions. It boosts metabolism, helps in smooth functioning of nervous system, aids in weight loss, and eliminates stress, depression, and anxiety.

      Last but not the least,this mat is lightweight and compact, easy to store and carry while traveling."

 In January, 2017 my right hip bone started hurting in the muscles from sleeping directly on the 40 degree BIO_MAT as if that higher heat had 'dried out my muscles. The BIO_MAT cannot go lower than 40 degrees.  However you can still turn it on with out the heat and get negative ions for healing inflammation.   I replaced it with the JAT SOF 7224 mat [with grounded up stones] which allows me to set it no higher than 39.  Drinking  more water and using this Jade-Amethyst-Tourmaline at >>39 degrees cleared up my hip muscle pain. It is 'softer' than the flat stone mats. people prefer the heated jade and others the heated amethyst. Both mats have incorporated tourmaline. All three stones have been used through the centuries for healing. (Healthy Line also has a jade- amethyst- tourmaline mat  with PEMF cycling which a veterinarian with lots of back trauma just tried May 2019.)  That mat cycles the 7.8 PEMF for 20 minutes on,100 minutes off for three cycles at a low 1000 gauss level.  It is <$900.00.  German PEMF mats which are very effective for healing start at $4000.00. He loves the heated stones. Check with me on how he likes the PEMF cycling.
We are positively addicted to sleeping on these FIR mats. 
                FIR mats spell "P-A-I-N  R-E-L-I-E-F"!
Healthy Line 2' x 6' jade-tourmaline heating/negative ion pad. Easy to carry. Flat stones.

Healthy Line Controller:

This controller has a dial to set the temperature in degrees celsius. (suggest 37-39 C for heating during sleep). You turn it up or down until the setting you seek is illuminated in red. The white time button must be on with one of the yellow lights illuminated.

The digital red read out is the temperature.

There are three yellow light settings for 3 or 6 or 12 hour run times. Pushing the TIME button changes the duration.

The power switch is off/on. You can feel it if you need to turn the mat off in the dark.

Please be sure to get the Healthy Line with this advanced controller. Some of their mats are shown with different ones.  Read customer reviews. Healthy Line has a controller replacement policy. The good one costs $35.

I like being able to set the temperature in degrees Clesius. Someone has a ' low grade fever' when their temperature is 38 (100.4 F). A high fever is 40C.  None of the other FIR mat controllers are displaying 'real' temperatures.

All of my FIR mat failures from another company have been from badly designed controllers!

So far BIO-MAT and Healthy Line are working well every night.

MediumPad-JT-Mesh InfraMat Pro™     (Flexible)  30" X 20"  $199  Product Code: 014B-JT

The product is FDA registered in USA

Made by USA company Healthy Line™

  • 50 pcs of 2″ (50 mm) diameter natural jade and tourmaline stones under mesh

  • Net weight 7 lbs (3.5 kg); comes with a carrying case

  • Medium size 32″ x 20″ x 1.2″ (80 cm x 50 cm x 3 cm)

  • LED display controller to set desired temperature up to 70° Celsius (160° Fahrenheit) and 12-hour auto shutoff timer to allow all night sleep setting

  • Automated EMF filter built in a controller + extra layers of EMF-blocking materials built in the mat

  • Negative ion level at least 700/cc, FIR 5-14 um

  • Made of at least 14 layers with different functions

  • High-quality, nontoxic materials

  • Made for USA power 110-120V (for other, use power converter

  • 45-day free trial. You can return it for any reason (in the same new condition) and get 100% money back; you only pay shipping cost

  • 1 year free full USA warranty

       Buy these mats from (not from Amazon). There are many new styles there. I suggest you call JADE- her real name- in Brooklyn (888-774-4422) for her help.She owns several Healthy line mats, is knowledgeable and gave me a discount of 10% when I bought a longer (24" x 72") mat for my cold feet.  And she is veteran friendly! Tell her I sent you.

        Your military discount code:tz10s

      The time you spend absorbing the heated negative ions is what heals your cells not the size of the mat.

      The tourmaline stone produces the most negative ions which are important for reducing inflammation. 

      The size of the mat depends on your budget. [They also have various sized mats in rainbow colors with red LED photon treatments. Which we will NOT be testing!  I left out those bells and whistles.]

 Far Infrared wavelength:

            "Light and Heat"  by Dr. Sircus, 2013

Pure bred pointer with hip dysplasia and scoliosis, 11 y.o.-no pain, no drugs, self medicating with Far Infrared mat.
Ziva is posed on a peach towel which covers 'her ' BIO-MAT with its controler. She spends by choice ~at least 4 hours during the day and night on her  BIO-MAT. By 2014 pain had limited her activites. Now her dog sitter thinks that she acts like a seven year old pup again.
          [Her head is on the black Earthing Pad which she is not very attached to. She will lick the pad in the mornings some days for '?an oral dose of negative ions?'.]
FIR Case Report (personal): My B/P started to creep upwards 10-15 years ago to 145-125/85-78: not on meds and not obese and with high healthy HDLs.
    After 6 months sleeping on 'low' on my BIO-MAT my B/P dropped to 128-100/78-60. I believe that the FIR healed the chronic arteriolar wall inflammation.  
       (Both of my parents were on antihypertensive drug 
 by the time they were my age.)

Helen Nichols, a self proclaimed health food person, has written a research article on the effects of Far Infra Red light in healing, easy to read, on her site. 

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