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Training Videos- #2: Rapid Treatment of           Sexual  Trauma-PTSD with the BAUD

  using Protons, Electrons & Phonons (PEP)

       This starts with  a basic science review of the CELL DANGER RESPONSE from  60 years of cell biologists work -

and the  MICROTUBULIN  PTSD MEMORY on each cell membrain from 50 years of research with electron microscopes.


 Then two  sexual abuse cases are presented using the BAUD -phonon unit- with very rapid healing results!

        (from 13th Microcurrent Conference, Oct 2019  Zumwalt, MD, FACOG, ODS USNR veteran)

         Please compare the CAPS score results of 'CBT' (useless), the reliable EMDR, Church's group EFT study of active duty and their wives, civilians' use of Prozac, and the unbelievable break through results in veterans screened with the ACE SCORES and then treated by  Dr. Lindenfeld's RESET Therapy! His RESET CAPS score results are "unheard" of in the talk therapy community.  Thanks to Bessel van der KOLK for his CAPS score data (2007).

                         The POWER of PHONONS!

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