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Metabolic Features of the Cell Danger Response,  Naviaux, Robert, PhD

from the Mitochondrial and Metabolic Disease Center, UC/San Diego

journal,  July 2014

Six separately working divisions of  cell biologists over 60 years came to the same indentical conclusion:

Every individual cell responds to perceived threat by closing down its mitochondriae. WHen mitochondrial electron flow drops from ANY 'threat'- chemical (all toxins), physical( heat, shock,ionizing radiation), microbial( bacteria, viruses, parasites) or emotional FEAR based trauma ( childhood, sexual, combat). The mitochondria 'freeze', stop energy production, and the cellular inflammatory and memory response is initiated.  Each and every cell in your body can recognize and react to threat with out using the central nervous system. Each cell protects itself like a combat marine.

To "heal" any acute or chronic disorder you HAVE to recharge the mitochondrial energy curcuits, turn on the power pumps so the cell has the ATP to recover, make new cells and release the trauma memory stored on the cell's memory bank.

Energy in the form of photons, electrons or phonons will be welcomed by the cellular mitochondria system.  A normal cell requires 70 mvolts to be healthy.

This is the completely researched text summary of how our cells respond to any and all traumas including references! 

Basically, the cells respond to lack of electron flow~ "who cut off my juice?"

[ I've read it four times so far to partially understand what these cellular biologists are saying.]

  PTSD - Feed Back- Sept 2020

Please muscle test for which PTSD-CDR protocol that works best for you.

This is the 2017 original PTSD-CDR:







"The CDR-Calm Down seems to support better cumulative effects with multiple uses"                  down load here

Use this one even if you are NOT a stressed out nurse!

Treatment using PTSD-CDR@ 200uamps

  After the primary injury was treated. I noted I had very weakly spinning chakras (~30 degrees) and felt 'weak'.

  PTSD-C restored mitochondrial energy to strong (~170 degree) chakra spinning-repairing the injury on the cellular level! 

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