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                           *based on  about 150,000 pelvic examinations

  'Clinical Treatment' of Severe       Traumatic Stress Disorder:                  The  Failures                 
         Combat Stress traumatizes the body as severely as child molestation except the childrens brains are not matured, they do not know what is right from wrong, they have not had basic training, they do not know how to defend themselves, they are innocent, no one has their back, they are helpless victims, they can't tell anyone because they were told that they would be killed if they did, and no one would believed them any way, or 'it' was all their fault.
    The only way these kids could get their night terrors to stop is by drinking at least one of their dad's beers before bed.
    The only way these adults could ever have 'adult sex' is when they were Drunk, Drugged, Dissociated, Dominatrix, or just, Don't do it!   (the '5 D's).

      And she JUMPED!

Sentient Case: As an intern, you are doing a simple annual exam on a                             dairy farmer's wife who had 4 normal vaginal deliveries.
The exam of her upper body is normal. As you lightly touch her perineum to start to obtain the pap smear her legs snap closed and her hips instantaneously withdraw 2 feet up and away from you. You ask her if her first pelvic exam was painful.
    Neither she, nor your medical school training, nor your residency attendings, nor the published literature could give you an answer.
   So you call that 'move', 'vaginal body memory' because the vagina clearly remembers something, but is not talking!

All gynecologists, nurse practicianers, and general surgeons who routinuely do pelvic exams on females know about that 'she just jumped' reaction. She moves her lower body away from the examining fingers. It is found in women who were sexually abused, raped or molested. Her muscles are just guarding her perineum from unwanted entry.The following are case reports of your attempts to help her 'stop' the jump!


Axiom #1:    She really does not want to jump.   She just can

                      not control that pelvic muscles' protection response!

Case #1: You tell her , "Don't jump!" She holds on very tightly to the edges of the exam table. You tell her to breath slowly and deeply. You give her a 15 minute break to compose herself after talking with a supportive female health worker.
                She jumps.
You give her Valium 5 mgs. or Versed in 30ccs of Pepsi 30 minutes before her exam.
                She comes back and jumps again!
Axiom #2: She really appreciates any examiner who is patient,      
                   understanding and compassionate to her needs!
Case #2: She has had two full years of talk therapy around her molestation issues. She has never been able to tolerate getting a pap smear before. But she thinks that she can do this now.She becomes hysterical so you call in a nurse to do labor deck breathing with her. Then gratefully, she just dissociates and you are able to get her pap smear done.
            It was not an easy 'pap'. (The year was ~1994.)
        Two years of serious talk therapy did NOT help one bit!

Question #1: WHY is she still jumping while under anesthesia?                                        (This is not uncommon.)

Case #3:  In the outpatient surgery room it is 'standard of care' to do a pelvic exam under anesthesia (EUA) to orient your mind to the size, shape and position of all the pelvic organs as a safety check before starting to use your instruments.
       In the outpatient unit routinuely, anesthesia gives I.V. doses (based on mg/kg body weight) of propofol (which works by dissociation of  the cortex) and fentanyl (a narcotic)  supported with  only O2 (no inhalation gases are necessary) by mask from the anesthesia machine. The patient's legs are in delivery room stirrups. As you enter the space between her legs to do that pelvic exam, she jumps! You tell anesthesia, 'I didn't touch her!' He grumbles and re-doses her.  You step back and wait 60 seconds for the drug effect. 
     When you approach her pelvic space (the 'Root Chakra' cone) this time she does not jump. But, as soon as you touch her perineum, she jumps! Anesthesia startes shaking his head and grumbling, doses her for the third time. You step back and wait again for the circulation time. This time she may or may not jump again. Finally with enough medication on board she stops jumping! Then you can do that 'simple' EUA.
Major Chakra Energy Transport System and two solar plexus "cords"
 Todd Zumwalt, 2014
Question #1: Why did she jump when she was under 'I.V. deep sedation'?
Quantum physics (see Lipton) has the answers.
Turning the motor cortex of the big brain off, leaves only the local cell membrain's memory microtubulues (signal receptors) in control of the muscle response . Under environmental threat with incoming energetic frequency signals transported to the membrains microtubules which signal the muscles to react immediately and  'subconsciously', as was demonstrated, to provide protective withdrawal behavior. Lipton states that 99.99% of 'all behaviors' are subconscious membrain controlled behaviors. Quantum physics easily explains what is driving the reported  behavior of  a vegetarian who receives a donor heart from a carnivore and starts craving  MacDonald's hamburgers, for no other logical reason except that the cardiac membrain memory directed the drive towards something that 'the heart loved to eat'.
CHAKRAS: Portals to the energetic body.
The chakra system is the frequency reception and transmission  part of the 3000 year old meridian system.
 The muscle cell membrains microtubule receptors received energetic environmental data through the root chakra (cone #1 Red).  As demonstrated in case #3, the mere presence of another body's energetic frequencies in the trauma field activated the trauma muscle 'jump' response to move away from the non-self signals.  Belief in chakra senory ability was supported by the outcome studies of the positive effectiveness of long distance prayer effecting healing of hospitalized patients. Video recordings show dogs who move to the door waiting for their owners return 15 minutes before the master even arrives.  The chakras are reading the other being's energy signal.
Pelvic exam practicianers  wishing to use MASER & Microcurrent treatment protocols
Axiom # 3: Logically you understand that her familial abuse has                    been going on for several generations.
                   It is shameful. It is very painful. It is a SECRET!
                   Her children are at risk to become victims.
                   If untreated she will carry it to her grave.
                   It is very difficult to escape from it with out help.
Case #4: Your intern presents his patient who has persistent localized pain, abdominal muscle guarding and spasum to you (24 years ago). On bimanual exam the pain is localized by the abdominal hand  to just above the pubic bone slightly to her
right. Over a year ago she had had a vaginal hysterectomy in hopes of removing that pain. At her 6 week check-up she was refered to urology for persistent pain and muscle guarding. They found a healthy normal bladder, no problems, no answer.  After that, using Champus, she went to a 'town' urologist who removed her bladder and constructed a very tidy Indiana Pouch (urine bag made from the intestines) with the ostomy port near McBurney's point. She is now 12 weeks post cystectomy. Her pain, muscle guarding and spasum was found to be localized and present on bimanual exam at the exact same spot as always. Your exam confirms the intern's findings. The first question you ask her how her husband treats her. "He is very supportive and protective to me and our 2 sons."  Then you ask her, "Who molested you?" "My, alcoholic Viet Nam veteran, father!"    And she cried!
Then you refer her to the Pelvic Pain Clinic.
     [The best finding was that as good parents, they had had the common sense to protect their sons from her father.]
   The next week on her way to the Pain Clinic (At that time Maser & Microcurrent were not available-1991) she finds you and says, "I wish that I had found you ten years ago!" and she  gives you a big hug.______                            And, then, again, she cried! 
 (If anyone knows her, send her to me for a pro bono treatment . ) 
    For 35 years we tried 'everything' we could find to help them make it through a simple pelvic exam. Nothing worked until we learned Cranio-Sacral massage therapy and brought it into clinical practice. Manual energy therapy was the big break through! Some how it worked!
    Finally in 2006 Lipton taught us the bio-physcis of how manual energy medicine rapidly releases the terror from the cell membranes of the body.
    I want to thank all of my patients who had the courage to share their pain with me and the ones who couldn't tell me with their words. Their vaginal body memory did all the talking and kept me working until I found a 'cure' for this locked in fear. And I need to tell all the men who were molested as children that energy medicine therapy will also work for them.
      Sexual abuse and MST are big issues, but beyond the purpose of OPERATION FIREHAWK.
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