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                     the BAUD -2011

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                     the Sleep Genius -2016

                     Hemi-Sync 'Attention/At Ease'



             -by the BAUD- FAST, FAST, FAST!


Conduction Speed Comparison by Particle Type

The Speed of Light ~      300,000,000 meters/ sec.

The Speed of Sound in Water ~ 1498 meters/ sec.

The Speed of Sound in Air      ~  380 meters/sec.

 Femoral nerve conduction speed ~ 180meters/ sec.              

 ["normal nerve conduction" is much slower than photons or phonons.]

CASE REPORT #2: BAUD 'CURES' Childhood Sexual Abuse in 5 Days!

Dr. Elizabeth Harris MBChB, Dip Obs, Dip MSM, Cert Sports Med,

                                     FRNZCGP, FRACGP June 2016. 

Dr. Harris, a neurotherapist trained family doctor, reporting about a result achieved with BAUD alone and 'supervised' by only the child's parent. 

"Today I saw a mother for follow-up re her son. I saw her Thursday 5 days ago and gave her my BAUD with very specific instructions on its use to treat her son. 

   He was sexually abused from age 5 for 5/12 by an older child. Before all this started - he used to be in bed (age 5) at 6:30pm. After it happened he would be up and making excuses about going to sleep, in bed at 9 finally, waking through the night and up early in the morning and worried all day and night.The (abused) child is now 7 but has been greatly troubled - since the abuse he has become irritable, was expelled from school due to anger outbursts and sexualized behaviour towards other children. He has had difficulty sleeping at night, has developed

 stereotypical hand movements, has been petrified of toilets (where this thing usually happened) and was highly irritable at home. His siblings are normal. His parents have been devastated.  

He has been in many different programs to address the trauma but with no results.

        In terms of the protocol.... 

This is how we worked it - we de-medicalized it.......

The mother took the unit home (I've never met the kid - just the mother) and told him that it was his 'magic box' and that only he could hear the noise. The other family members all got in on the act and they all pretended that they couldn't hear anything when they put it in their ears. 

   So then he was keen to try it. 

   We set it so that you could just hear the noise (volume control wise) and then the other 2 knobs we set at the default setting - both at 2 and he would listen to this for about 8 minutes before he would signal that he'd had enough. 

   The first day he used the BAUD for only 8 minutes - he slept all night and his mother had to wake him.  He's back going to sleep at 6:30pm and sleeping all night again now like the old days. 

      Since using it he's had no more anger out bursts.    

  Today was his first day back at school. He had a great day at school - ran out happy and talking about all the friends he made, showed his mother around the new school ( as he was expelled from the old one last December for attacking other kids.) and even showed her the toilets and told her that he's not scared any more! They had assigned a teachers aid to be with him all day because of his past history and the teachers aid said that the child behaved completely normally and  that she wasn't even needed. 

     His mother came in today for a follow up visit saying that's she's  "got her boy back". That's it! "

 The POWER of the PHONONS!

One member of the "PEP" team=

 'The Mighty Mites of Healing'!

My BAUD case report:                                   October 2017                History: A Navy veteran ~70 yo asked me to use the Baud on her 'ptsd', not from combat rather from when she was ten and was sexually attacked by an older male relative. She was able to fight him off before he finished 'choking her to death'.

   Treatment: After explaining the Baud process, she tuned it from worst to best while she taught about his attack. Wearing the BAUD ear phones she lay on the massage table. I started with my knees between her legs holding them apart  and pushing my palm over her mons to simulate the sexual attack. Because my back started to ache, I switched to standing beside the table for the choking part. With '5 grams of cranio-sacral pressure' I specifically placed my fingers over the carotid artery, the strap muscles, the larynx, moved the trachea sideways, and along  the length of the collar bone where the connective tissue attaches.

    [This is similar to Dr. Levine's Somatic Experiencing except that I am manually triggering the involved tissues memory.       My technique is extracted from using Procaine injections of scars to remove  traumatic memory on the cell membranes, called "Neural Therapy"                                                      from Germany, I found that my tapping over the scars while they talked about the event did the same thing and released a flood of tears i.e. when you tapped on their long 'healed' c-section scars.] I alternated sides and pressure points. [Meridian points were touched but not by intent.] Each time as soon as I touch some tissue her legs went into extension and her arms started shaking. Often the right [dominate arm] hand would be extending in a 'push-hit-him-away' gesture. We continued this: touch a place, shake-shake-shake-tremble, allow the shaking to release some. The shaking stopped when I released my finger pressure. Then I moved on to another place on the opposite side of her supra-clavicular area- back and forth. She was told to only think of everything she could remember from this attack. Her eyes were closed. After ~30 minutes of finger attacking-shaking response, I noted that her shaking became less powerful. I asked her if she thought she was done. She said 'yes!' She said that she was 'fine' the next day after drinking lots of water.

    Outcome:    About 2 months later she reported to me that for 3 nights after the BAUD treatment, as she was relaxing for sleep on her back (the position during her original attack), her arms began shaking slightly just like during the real treatment. She allowed them to shake 'it' off and then fell asleep. After that there were no more shaking movements. 

      But, the real reason she called me was to tell me that ever since BAUD her orgasms had become deeply pleasure-full- the 'strongest ever!" She was laughing and appreciative about this new finding.

   I am impressed with it's ability to stimulate the PTSD shaking reaction that had been held in the tissue memory for

60 years and then nicely just 'blast it' off the muscles memory- a polar bear  'SHAKE' action. Clearing the trauma.


     Dr. Frank Lawlis, BAUD's developer, has been working with the BAUD since 2010 and was seen on Dr. Phil. Richard Bruursema from Insight NeuroSystem, has just published his paper on its use for PTSD. 

 Pay attention to Dr. Lindenfeld's RESET Therapy work for veterans PTSD as it is producing unheard of  ending CAPS scores below 10!!     

  "Target the Feeling that Needs the Healing!"
  Rick Bruuseman, PhD,

BAUD's 'RESET' cures Shawn O'Hara's combat PTSD Insomia

Shawn O'Hara

“It got to the place where I never wanted to sleep, so I was exhausted a lot, and to most people it appeared that I was lazy. But it was easier for me to shut down than to talk about it.” It was also easier for him to anesthetize himself with vodka until he passed out. Among the untallied casualties was O'Hara's marriage. He had no hobbies, participated in no social activities, shunned friends, avoided public excursions. “I was totally paranoid - I always had the feeling that something bad was going to happen.”

And that's where it might have ended, in the burgeoning Department of Veterans Affairs database for post-traumatic stress disorder, where roughly 8,000 veterans from as far back as Vietnam find it easier to kill themselves each year than to contend with the past. Then, last October, O'Hara, 43, met Clinical Psychologist George Lindenfeld in Asheville, North Carolina. Lindenfeld offered him a cushioned headset and provided him with a treatment called RESET Therapy.

For the next 20 minutes or so, Lindenfeld asked O'Hara to mentally revisit the Green Ramp Disaster. “When the session ended, it changed me. It was instantaneous; I've never slept so good in my life. It sounds too good to be true, I know. Believe me, when I first heard about it, you have no idea how skeptical I was.

“It was as if the incapacitating emotions connected to the 20-year-old horror story had disintegrated. Today, O'Hara counts himself as a yet another one of Lindenfeld's success stories. And he is eager to talk about it. "I'll do anything I can to help Dr. George spread the word," he says, "because I want to help other veterans the way he helped me. It really altered! Afterwards, Dr. Lindenfeld said my brain had reset. As I tried to think of it immediately after, there were fewer details and the images were fuzzy where before they had been so focused. I was asked to compare the intensity from when we first started to how I was at the end of it and honestly, I said that it went from a 10 to a 1.

I still don’t really understand how this happened but with one treatment, my wife says I’m a changed man. I asked her what she meant and she said, when you came home you’ve become that boy I fell in love with 25 years ago.  I can feel the change in me now. I laugh again. I enjoy life and I love my wife. Since my treatment, I had been able to sleep 8 hours a night like I used to with no flashbacks, no nightmares and no survivor’s remorse. Also, since my treatment, I have lost 20 pounds, have more energy and I have come to enjoy life.”   This a story of a miracle.    (with George's permission)

       June 2017, drop down to Trudie's BAUD experience below!

Remember that the trauma memory is frozen in the muscle cell membrane microtubules at the time of the trauma. When triggers activate the muscle memory arousal , the muscle move to get the warrior into a safe place and signals are sent up the brain stem to the brain which shows changes seen in chronic stress. Baud removes the muscle cell memory. The whole system is switched from hyper-sympathetic to parasympathetic "rest and digest" at the speed of sound waves!  This is new data (June 2017). 

Military Application of PHONON Rapid Healing:  BAUD


A brain wave study pre and post treatment: A QEEG brain map analysis of a veteran with PTSD treated with BAUD:

  George Lindenfeld, PhD in neuropsychology, former US Navy Seabee : "I happened to have treated a Vietnam vet with PTSD,  nuking his trauma (after preparing him) with one treatment session using the BAUD. After 4 months he is still symptom free."
     George's mission is to          'blast out' 'ptsd' for ever!
      The BAUD, another effective  cure for resilient latent PTSD that has not jumped  through the VA hurdles!  
       [George just got 'approval' to start his veterans clinical trial, but he needs funding. October 2016]. June 2017 he got funded and here are his early results from two combat veterans!!!!! Watch the next youtube.  Go Vets!!!

    BAUD is a FDA approved Class II Bio-feedback device to be used for adjunctive therapy by EMTs, RNs ( that means Medics, too). It is light weight, portable. (But structurally it is not yet 'combat fortified/ready'.) By Dr. Frank Lawlis in 2011.

    It costs about $495.00. Call Rich Bruursema for a military discount. (913-217-5319 CST). Thank you, Rich for your work.

    The BAUD should be deployed with

the medics in the field, who would be

able to use it to rapidly treat the acute

shock reaction and eliminate the

memory triggers from forming at all.

    Remember that PHONONS work

at the speed of sound (in water or  

      blood) = 1500 meters/ second.

     Air speed = 380 meters/second.

  Watch the speed of destruction of memory

microtubules in Harvard's Inner Life

 of the Cell- @ 1minute.

      I have NO financial interest in the Baud.

I am very impressed with it's speed and that

boy's ability to 'heal' himself of significant 

sexual trauma in 5 days!  

      Using the BAUD  while doing MASERs

while thinking of the past trauma should

become a very rapid PTSD CURE using your hands!

Just do it! All you can get is a detox reaction. Drink WATER!


Last Sunday I 'hit' the back of my patient's legs with a wooden spoon just like her mother did to her as a child. The BAUD was set at 2+2. Afterwards she could hold that spoon in her hands, without fear.

"The BAUD is FDA cleared as a class II adjunct therapy", is NOT talk therapy, works very fast, and

"carries no significant negative side effects."

   [With permission from George Lindenfeld, PhD and        Thanks for all his work to cure veterans' PTSD and help the veterans families.] He has a new book coming out on the effects of ptsd in civilian professions. It 'nailed' the problem- "FIRST RESPONDERS" 2017
Remember what any good rifleman knows.
     When the enemy is
hidding behind the boulders,
the first thing you have
     to do is get them
to stand up-
so then you can
take them out!
Before you can shot off 
the trauma triggers-
(the enemy)
   The Monroe Institute worked on 'long distance viewing - spying on Russia' during the Cold War and developed sound wave technologies to enhance different brain functions.  This 2016 recording is to aid the OIF/OEF vets and active duty military sleep better. Listen before you buy. There are 2 CDs in this set. Attention is for focusing.
      At Ease: "Sleeping better at night allows you to be more energetic and productive during your waking hours, and enhances your well-being and overall quality of life. This non-verbal composition can help you enjoy deep and restful sleep the natural way. Hemi-Sync® frequencies — embedded in pink noise for optimum delivery — produce the slower Delta (dream) brainwave patterns associated with deep sleep. Play once to fall asleep, or repeat throughout the night to help you stay asleep. Length: 45 minutes."       (2016)
       Go to the web site and listen to both parts the attention and the sleeping tracks. You will need to use  good ear phones. Inspect before purchasing. 
       I have NO sleep problems but I have used Monroe's Alpha Theta CDs for a 'Coherent balanced brain pattern'. I could not feel any changes.  But since I am lethal with my SW 686 revolver in either hand at 9 yards, something must be balanced!
Developed to help NASA astronauts get to sleep in space, This tiny 'smart phone using 'music' tricks your brain into normal deep sleep frequencies. It is approved by some state VA systems for veterans sleep care under CPT code E1399. It 'plays' for 15 hours and recharges in 3.
    My volunteer Viet Nam vet has not been able
to try out the Sleep Genius as California VA is
not funding it yet. If the VA is not paying, the 
cost for veterans is $249.
We have gotten no feed back on results from
veterans. Most of the  research studies 
are in childhood disorders like Autism. performing Leonard Cohen's "Halleujah".
              (on 13 June 2013 with the Kansas City Symphony)
        MusiCorps Band is a conservatory-level music rehabilitation program in response to the crisis of service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The program was established at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 2007 by founder Arthur Bloom, a composer. I discovered them performing on the 300th episode of NCIS, "Scope".         Donations accepted at

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      The treatment of trauma is evolving. As we learn more bio-physics techniques, more solutions will    become available.                                                                             copyrighted: 28 June 2016                         

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