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Zumwalt- c.v.  by request 2017

            (My local TRE trainer asked me for my resume. I don't know why.)

   So there is a brief outline of 39 years 'working down under' while looking for the cause and cure of vaginal body memory and other 'issues in the tissues'. I basically spent a lot of time in the vagina, pelvis and root chakra.

    If we ever meet ask me my favorite 'clean' vagina joke! 

  Undergraduate: Univ. of Illinois- major: physiology, minor: physics

  Univ. of Illinois College of Medicine (Chicago)

  Bassett Hospital, Cooperstown, NY, obstetrics-gynecology residency

  Camp LeJeune Navy Regional Med Center-LCDR/delivered Marines babies

  Certified by the American Board of Obstetricians-Gynecologist- FACOG

  Univ of Cinn. Dept of Gyn. Special Pelvic Surgery Fellowship (18 months-            basically gyn cancer, taught residents and medical students,

         laser surgery credentialed 

  Univ of California- Irvine. Dept of Gyn-Gyn/Urology Fellowship, more laser

  M.L. King Hospital,Dept of Gyn-outpatient surgery unit & Dysplasia clinic-             clinical professor- taught residents, nurses and medical students

  San Diego Navy Medical Center- CDR/MC/USNR, supervised  the                         oncology/ dysplasia clinic, taught residents during ODS 1990-91

  Worked in private womens' clinics in L.A. and northern California before                 moving to Seattle Washington private womens' surgical clinics.

  Stopped operating and started OPERATION FIREHAWK, PLLC to train as          many ADs and military professionals to successfully treat all 'PTSD'                using their manual tapping skills and simple quantum physics tools.

 Attended 75th Army Ranger's  and 3RD RECON Marines Reunions!!                                    SEMPER FI!!            OOH-RAH!!!!

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