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'TEIPAT' is military bilateral tapping on all meridian points using both hands (MASERS) to send energy into the trauma to remove the traumatic memory on the cell membrains. [Tap Energy Into Points Annihilate Trauma towers, another military acronym.] Your hands are the 'hand guns' that shoot electrons into the body. These electrons travel up the meridan lines to the traumatized areas, the more you think about the 'fear' the more the electrons can shoot off. Drill every day using your list of Scars & Wounds and the Worst-First list will allow you to help to clear your own bad memories.The instructions and tapping figure are to be attached to your bath room mirror. No internet connection is needed, just  your hands, a mirror, your voice and the tapping figure.
                               (copy and distribute)              @copy  T. Zumwalt
      EFT has an excellent interactive web site, that will help you learn this ancient form of acupressure therapy that is shown to be  highly effective in treating ptsd/pts. You are self treating your trauma fields through your meridian lines. Dawson Church treating active duties and their partners has shown EFT to be more effective than 'talk therapy'. It is easy for you to drill on line daily. Notice that EFT only uses 9-13 tapping points.
  Attention! YOU are military veterans and should be tapping on all 26-28 points plus the gall bladder field over both sides of your head (parietal bones)! Use both 'MASERS' (your hands) bilaterally. 
   [U.S.Navy Seal moto: "Anything worth doing is           worth overdoing!' applies with tapping.]
 This web site has evolved into a very complete training site. I recommend you start using it!  Always start with the fist 'panic point'- called the 'karote chop' (KC) by EFT. Most EFT/TFT tappers do not tap on the liver points (below the nipples) if breasts are present.
You may copy  the TEIPAT drill sheet  and distribute with the Tapping figure, the Tap Chant, Scars & Wounds list and USN Seals box breathing sheets to be taped on the bathroom mirror as home practice aids. After 90 days of meridian TEIPAT drill practice you will become an expert muscle memory tapper. The best part is that you will be always carrying your MASERs with you for emergencies.   
  When you have to tap on someone else always remember to 'set your intent 'for the highest good' for that person. 'Setting your intent' improves the outcomes.   *It is possible to 'tap' with the stump of an ambutated hand.
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