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Part 1: Rapid Treatment of the 

"GO-GO" Combat Stress Reaction-PTSD

This is bilateral, bimanual, military grade (24-28 point) meridian point tapping using the provider's intention set for "THE HIGHEST GOOD" for the warrior.

This tapping set = TEIPAT = Tap Energy Into Points Annihilate Trauma during a sensory stimulated Hyper-sympathetic Arousal-

works to rapidly turn off the ANS stimulation and Restore Rest & Digest.

The photons released from your tapping fingers lower the Panic State in the battle field, surgery, clinics, dental chairs, sexual assault clinics.


       Part #1: Rapid Treatment of the Go-Go Combat Stress with TEIPAT meridian tapping- (58 minutes or less).

  Use this video to practice the military grade rescue meridian point tapping  [TEIPAT -"tap energy into points annihilate trauma" - 7 simple steps -see downloads.] 

    After 90 days of tapping on yourself, kids, friends you will have mastered the manual skills and muscle memory to use rescue tapping anywhere-from mild panic attacks to full  Go-Go Combat Stress- stimulus triggered reactions (can be lethal).

This is just like the Marine Corps DIs' drill! It is simple and effective!

  Medics, use it any where even if the warrior is having emergency surgery-tap before, during and in recovery room. Energy tapping works on the body's cell membrains, not his sleeping brain.

  Become confident in your fingers photon energy particles to do the work and calm the sympathetic arousal.  It seems magical, but it is quantum physics and I LOVE what it can do-what your fingers can do!

  Adding on the FSM/MEND Microcurrent protocols (3) assures successful outcomes!

Recorded at the 9th Microcurrent conference- 3rd place prize - 2015

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