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     Guest Introduction from the BRASS
     'INTEL' from Mr. Polar Bear
MISSION: Train as many medics and combat military health providers to acutely prevent (within 4 hours) and treat persistent 'ptsd' Combat Stress "Go-Go" reactions to eliminate suicides, homocides, alcohol and drug dependency, family dysfunction and abusive relationships and all the fall out of untreated latent 'ptsd'.
       "PTSD" is a cellular muscle membrain lesion formed by  the power of FEAR and is treatable/curable only by using sub-atomic energetic particles = "P E P" (Photons, Electrons and Phonons).

First a word from the BRASS

Small Heading

"Help our Veterans, Don't label and Drug Them"


     'Colonel Bart Billings is a military psychologist (retired after 34 years of military service) who started the first U.S. annual conference on Combat Stress more than 25 years ago. In all his years of practice with military and Vets diagnosed "PTSD" he has never once had to prescribe a mind-altering psychiatric drug and says the term PTSD is not a "mental illness" but simply a normal reaction to an abnormal event, or circumstances (combat/war) and that drugging our troops is not the solution.'       Published on Feb 10, 2014

Dr. Bart Billing's new book on effective PTSD techniques
The story of Dr. Bennet Omalu's research behind the lesions in Traumatic Brain Injury as seen in professional sports and the military

Then It's Mr. Polar Bear's Turn

  Watch as a Polar Bear makes the trauma 'cure' look easy!

In 2008 I watched Mr. Polar Bear 'shake off' his PTSD. Then I noted how Ziva, my hunting dog, shakes daily- nose down to toes and stretches in 'doggie down' yoga pose.

    I saw how Nature solves its injuries by using 'energy' particles from earth scources, like taking electrons from storage in the mitochondriae of the muscles or from AA batteries. Somatic muscles have 2000 mitochondria each.       Where ever you go your muscles can be used to treat trauma 'electrically', the sooner- the better, with your bare hands and NO DRUGS, just 'Free' electrons. Electrons made 'miracle cures'. To learn go to the TRE training page.


   Operation is a library of educational data on combat traumatic stress reaction with 4 levels of training.
It was recommended to me to 'kiss' it-keep it simple,stupid!
    However in my medical and military experience I found that the Navy corpsmen, medics, nurses, Marines, and Special forces staff are very much wanting to know, strong, manualy gifted, working to improve performance, independant thinkers, intelligent, do not accept b.s. and had high levels of persistence to reach a problem solution. 
                              "Knowledge IS Power!"
LEVELS of LEARNING on this site:
  Level 1: 'Basic' -just do it! Drill required.
  Level 2: 'Intermediate'. Visual learning and drill required.
  Level 3: 'Basic science'. Answers the 'why' does this work. Lectures, visual learning, textbooks optional- THINKING is required. You will learn as much as you need to function!
  Level 4: 'Advanced research'. Reading and studying new concepts required. Textbooks are referenced. Research scientists and doctors work is presented. All which can help you answer questions that 'they' will ask of you about quantum physics, energy or epigentic medicine.
LEVEL 1&2:
Whizz through Levels 1&2. Watch the 'Rescue' video (16").
   Do not hold both hands together while tapping like the "training video" shows unless the electrode leads are on the ankle (negative) and the neck (positive or attached to the contra-lateral wrist) to avoid short circuiting the current through his hands.
Practice with the MASER Drill Skill sheet. Watch the cadence in the 'MASERS Training video (27").
Drill with the TEIPAT technique 4-5 nights per week on one of your 'issues' -like right after you brush your teeth. 
     Practice on everyone who will let you. Establish your muscle memory. You are kinesthetically gifted with genetically co-ordinated muscles! Your body will feel the cadence when you're tapping correctly. 
     Print out the Tapping points, ACE, Scars & Wounds, Worst First List, TEIPAT, MASERS Drill Skill, Tap Chants.        
     Memorize the US Navy Seal Box Breathing [civilian swat's "Tactical Breathing"] and use it to lower your heart rate to allow you to stay in control under pressure.
           Drill to Skill level: 90 days of tapping.
     After closely watching Polar Bear Shaking out his fear.
 Then watch Harvard's Inner Life of the Cell
 several times to see the speeding RBCs, mitochondria (power source) resting on the microtubule electron cables and microtubules 'construction and evaporation'.        
    Check out the Rouleaux -sticky RBCs- 
under the dark field scope before and after a session of TFT, EARTHING & PEMF & FIR pads donated electrons. 
   Consider sleeping on your own EARTHING pad for free electrons.   [Warning you may get a 'detox' reaction when it first opens up your  microcirculation.    HYDRATE!]
Inner Life
Then jump into Level 3: Bruce Lipton, PhD on cell 'muscle memory', Vincent Felitti, MD's ACE score, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's presentation for Warriors' and children.
     Maintain and improve your MASERS Drill to Skill level. Practice for perfection. Keep a treatment outcome log of your work.
    Consider buying a FIR mat: BIO-MAT or the jade tourmaline FIR Mat by Healthy Line for yourself if you have any pain issues or are a combat veteran over 40 y.o..
Sleep on it only on low nightly like I do, after a week of slow easing-in during the day. HYDRATE. It may help you to lower systolic blood pressure by reducing intra-arteriol inflammation. It stopped my left hip pain from standing at the operating table for 39 years. At least sleeping 'FIRM' did that for me. 
Investigate obtaining Microcurrent training either as a technician (MA, EMT, or a medical service employee) or under your own professional (RN, RNP, PT, PA, ND, Lic. Acp, MD, OD, DC) licensure. Remember that your primary tool is always your MASERS- your hands and body energy. 
     Consider reading Sherry Rogers' 'DETOX or DIE' to start your own body's detox program. Clean up the food you place in your body. Start reading food labels. It took me over 16 months to stop my habit of eating toxic junk food (American wheat hydrids) and to become slowly addicted to fresh, clean organic foods. 
  Level 4 rests on the shoulders of wise clinicans who were looking for solutions to their own and their patients un- solved (using American standard of care) health problems.
   Check out the use of the MEND -frequency specific microcurrrent units to rapidly heal pain, acute fractures and organ disorders that only electro-accupressure medicine can do unbelievably fast.
     Review Bruce Lipton's work on 'Epigenetic Medicine'
from Europe. Read Dr. Oschman's Human Therapeutics text.
    Then, for the science behind energy medicine, take on "Healing is Voltage" by an eye surgeon, Jerry Tennant, MD. Finally return to the mitochondria group's works by Drs. Wahls, Vasquez, Dean, and Starr. 
    Review Seneff's data on glyphosate in our food supply.
Review Lt. Col. Grossman's studies on children playing shooting video 'games' -acquiring muscle memory for marksmanship skills- as one cause for our school shooting epidemic.
      Although  rapid learning sections in this site have been adapted for smart phone use, in depth sections of this encyclopedia of information is better read on a laptop in multiple sessions.
     You will to be able to digest  this  bio-physics approach to treatment ~>  Epigenetic Medicine (based on quantum physics) at your own rate.
     You will need to copy and print pages to be used by you to order your drill and by the warrior for his 'home training' and also as part of his ptsd treatment -recovery record.
Self Disclosure Statement:
There are really only two things which 'get me going'-
      1] BLEEDING
      2] ABUSE        
Do you know what your activation triggers are?
     READ the Contact data, Legal Notice, Weapons Control, Copyrights, Credits, Financial Remuneration, and History sections found in the footer.
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